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To get through on this startled workweek there. Brandon already. Thank them. Six thirty two. It's time for traffic and weather on the twos. Good morning Sam good morning, Carol and some heavy going on most major roadways grow condition. Keeping the speeds dumb as a Tim was telling McComb reveal through nine close below five points. Also big problems enter it for in township started with flooding conditions south onto to approaching two fifty two sweet for road. We have problems with several cars flooded out and even a multi vehicle accident. Just got the word the water the water is down. But the accident still there blocking the two left lanes approaching fifty two. So at least the the source of the problem is gone. But now we have an accident. That's different. We're on the Schuylkill expressway. We're busy hitting into town specially Montgomery to Gerard westbound jammed boulevard out the Bill Maher avenue, just wet road condition. Say same ninety five south a lot of heavy going bridge down Gerard avenue into center city. The unclogged Adrain in south Philadelphia Front Street ramps. Godi ninety five or pretty well flooded out they fix it. Everything is getting by against would actually is getting better. But. Now, we have problems the Martin Luther King drive is blocked. The gates are down. And you can't get on from falls bridge down the sweet briar, stay with the Schuylkill expressway. Kelly drive for Nelson's byu open and moving along. Okay. But watch over some flooding along the way in spots of the majors in New Jersey. Forty two freeway north heavy going to travel up across the Ben Franklin bridge looking at the meals furniture jam Cam, the styles you love for less reduce speeds on the weather now because of signal problems the Norristown high speed line has shuttle buses in from township line to sixty ninth street, the broad street line is out of service because of signal problems showed up us in fern rock to the stadiums. In the cable w twenty four hour traffic center, I'm Sam clover. Traffic and weather on the twos is sponsored by window nation. Fifty percent off all styles of windows. Visit window nation dot com. The forecast outback go to.

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