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Say a body found at a beach may be a member of a family that plunged off a cliff in northern california officials say someone pulled the body out of the surf after a couple on vacation spotted it it's believed to be the remains of a black female it was found yesterday in the westport area near where an suv plunged to the beach near mendocino last month authorities say they think the remains belong to one of the family of eight killed in that crash officials say the body will likely have to be identified by dna investigators have already said data from the suv's software indicates the crash was deliberate michael shapiro kfi news an an has slammed his suv into a restaurant in l a cops say the guy then ran off this happened yesterday at a restaurant on melrose avenue around four thirty a man inside the as mexican grill was hit and hurt cops say it appears the driver of suv lost control hit the front of the restaurant and then took off both of so cal's nhl teams will be going to the playoffs the pacific division wildcard l a kings will travel to las vegas for the first two games of a seven game series against the first place golden knights the secondplace anaheim ducks will host the third place san jose sharks in the first two games of their series a new study says most women aren't really getting ready for retirement catherine collins with transamerica center for retirement studies says women are at a disadvantage because on average they make less than men lower income means less income available to save and over the course of a woman's working career of twenty thirty forty years that can have a compounding effect she says women are also more likely to take time off to parent or take care of family members which decreases the amount of money.

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