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Right now to sports city and at that time just fourteen years ago all force oh people who say oh i can't afford it yeah you can because there's people out there who watch those games on tv at a sports bar who would love to go to a game and if you ever go to nba game you realize just how athletes it is it's it's really hard to measure it when you think about a guy like lebron james so six foot nine to seventy who sprinting you know not as fast as you same bolt but with that type of intensity sprint now jumping up through the ceiling and then getting back down and going the other way now wow this is pretty incredible i saw him play down there when he was playing with miami and i saw him play with what was the big three at the time with bosch where you you reports i write a ball so hard i thought he was next to real rake no lil wayne the wizards picture of you next to each other but we were like within shouting sopped him i pleasantries there's no tension oh the nba i realized it's probably not happening but i would love to that really is i don't think people because people will dog it from the far but when you're in the house and you're at a gas it's pretty good and it still because it's got to be things that happened in the game that gonna make you go well i can't believe they don't show every highlight of every game on espn but when you're there okay one of michael jordan's last games in the nba when he's playing with washington yeah and he takes guy goes up for layup and michael comes over the top of the guy takes the ball out of his hands as he's about to shoot you're like wow that happened.

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