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Right direction and Rogers so long she years same in ninety two and Rogers came in after sitting for bunch you're suggesting for but what I thought was interesting also is the fact that when you you know switch teams now it it speeds up again then it slows down then maybe new offensive coordinator can speed up again now in this case Nicky is really the offense of coordinator so and a lot of that when you come to a new team of stress and teammates right search and a defensive line you get in there you've been running stones with guys for four years now you've got to get this all started to work out get a big it as a full speed type situation where you guys are complementing each other instead of running any remember with with a quarterback playing very average he had ninety eight catches eleven hundred yards just think of true basically up his game where we are out Robinson go I thought this is a little step intrigue he averaged eleven point seven which is like basically is lowest of his career and we know that's part of the whole Truby ski pass game this year it was it was well it is finally time to follow no traditionally past came in that neck yeah that's what I call for just building approach this often since no mark freedom I don't I don't say David gold yeah well you know you get all offensive coordinator and it doesn't matter who the offense of coordinator is mad men call in the play of course in and and he's the head coach you need even if he wasn't calling the place he sets the tone it's kind of what I was saying about Harbaugh he sets the tone is the head coach but its quarterback did not is that is the best thing that he's done for this the Chicago Bears is called dub because the players love it no you know they love anywhere from anywhere from Madden and they want it twenty times right twenty times got clogged up welcome that's the that's the best thing when you look back on it whenever it ends you're gonna serve well he's they had fun when they won no I'm in I'm gonna be a little bit more optimistic I'm gonna say look one good year with the quarterback and head coach one bad year with the quarterback so here's the telling here here's the telling your coming up really if it fails in they might all be gone think about that if it does when when Mitch is done they're all done follow us on Instagram the station at ESPN underscore Chicago and of course the show Carmen and your goal at Instagram let's go to on Instagram Danny Kristo you're on ESPN one thousand what's up then they should make a call a couple quick things all I can only imagine going anywhere well they got to shore up the offense of line to get more support staff on the sale was gonna do there's no way around that but a real quick Chuck analogy Mitch isn't the guy that can like you make a move and you tell me no don't do that some movies are gonna move your walk luger walking to move the pieces around and show you and you're looking at like what your wizard how you doing that he's more the guy to memorize the first two three or four moves of like any game but that would get a little out of whack you have to slow down you can't do that with all you got to be able to think on your feet really quick I think that like the guys like Rogers Brady manning so those first guys that can they just you know the value of nothing going to confuse them so they got a plate at his whatever all Mitch can do Lancel easy and could you kill me only wired a certain way or some you can ridiculous what work but you can't change your guide to think like those guys right just a player their strengths and I think of the office of one got a little bit better some more weapons to go to I think happened a little slower form we didn't get the after scrambling you know every play would have like anybody's gonna do really good and you're lucky to be a lot better plus another thing is I would would would would really nice take a garlic Bridgewater or Mario to any of you guys and drop them on the bears the last two games of the season that actually compare quarterbacks because of all the fun Bridgewater plays against all odds but she's so we went thirty five to ten and then we beat Minnesota twenty eight to three okay all right maybe it is the quarterback but now you gotta wait till next year and that's like a big waiting game is kinda aggravating but what you gonna do I agree with Dan and I get rid of **** they're not they're not going pretty obvious yeah and when they go I'm hoping they get a young quarterback I want a young quarterback I don't know what I would do right now I will I would sign the best back to possible and then at least somebody's there if it all falls apart is this one and I would also tell might I would also have my quarterback play in the preseason my quarterback play in the preseason that needs to change that's the most thing I'm most aggravated about assemblies that is out if that doesn't change that's a big mistake you're right he does SO Mikey's Joe Montana sit out the whole preseason this might be one of the rare instances where this team needs to have three quarterbacks your letter you sent out of the ring that you talk about Tribbett ski who theoretically they've already got pendant as a starter any young guy that needs to be developed maybe that started to develop that way if midge gets hurt you play the veteran quarterback this is a team that cries for say that is the best scenario possible right yeah ready to play and the young guy U. yeah we can do it you can do it because you've got positional flexibility with coral Patterson you got positional flexibility with interesting could be your fifth wide receiver it could be a fourth running better second running back so you G. a go of course my point is you got one guy that could take two positions which gives you the flexibility to go head I think having throwing quarterback he's you're going Jesse Rogers here till two o'clock and it's why don't still be you're listening ESPN one thousand wishing you a happy new year of course three one two three three two three seven seven six is the phone number if you want to Chinamen Lewis Robert signs a contract with the white Sox six years fifty million looks like they are ready to pounce in that AL central with what is right whoever wins the winner doesn't our story when the summer but you you have to start somewhere and they've done a good job in adding maybe didn't hit a home run with the child but maybe it was a good thing last year maybe it's a home run with your call maybe that's a good thing it doesn't take long for those contracts to look bad men have to rocky severe or not on the market right now so sometimes the moves you don't make a big are the better moves the white Sox look like they can be players in the S. and propelled you to call over and say give me my house right now and tell you to call over and say I want my algae bloom I might call over and say Hey Bristol put me on the white Sox wanna fall winter right now with the cubs are doing right now which is a sad state of affairs is a setting crosstalk with cap what's happened to caress your depressed or whatever it's just sad that for to our seasons in a row you can't really add your team or maneuver it the way you'd want to into a winner Kerr correct me if I'm wrong though just so I understand here yeah separately yeah maybe one or two others relievers yeah what's changed with Chicago Cubs yeah Brian it's just it's got more expensive a bright you got bias yeah yeah sh Warburg right right Hey words out there right I guess that it never was in control resident have a leadoff hitter is still there thanks you still got guys that were you know but it's the same kind of hitters that get out right bite if you throw a curve ball you're gonna get the steam out you throw change if you can get this email I don't get it either maybe changing managers will change the offense I don't know but they are convinced that the offense is broken and then they have too many of the same kind of haters lady I won't get any right don't they don't have someone like that they went from one philosophy to another there's a John mailing back to the other flyers you John mainly you're not wrong they know what the hell they want with their readers whether they wanted it completely well rounded team offense simply and sometimes you can't do that you can't change hitters into something they're not but you had success being the other kind so I they sort of got caught in between with all that we can talk about it and then see then who's to blame see the who's to blame for what a change philosophies in going who's the one to blame was it man or was it force fed on that little bit of both was just another one of those steel tank shallow depth and definitely manning was involved in the cloud definitely man was involved he didn't like you see I think they do you know what I saw how they bury the hatchet so you are they bury the hatchet out whether they got too nervous after losing out the two thousand seventeen playoffs that's why way I look at it they forgot that the play offs are random and you've already just won a World Series the idea of going back to when it again was was far fetched right and they panic to me to me after the seventeen playoffs things happen the playoffs you're facing historically good pitching staff the Dodgers they were that good change for the signature and it seemed like it seem like it in that includes matter anyway with the break three one two three three two three seven seven six is the number will continue with the bears postmortem after this and Adam Schefter joins the show as well tons to talk about with him right here on ESPN one thousand they've.

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