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Twelfth coming up on KCBS the trump administration pushes back against criticism it didn't react strongly enough to the threat of the corona virus and Margie Shafer up pet food bank offers help for pet owners impacted by the corona virus pandemic also the challenges of living the American dream in the middle of a pandemic I'm Peter finch case CBS news time is twelve thirty one CBS news update twenty thousand Americans data half a million infected those are the latest numbers gathered by Johns Hopkins University Medical Center heading into the next week the president says he still weighing when to make a move to restart the nation he insists that has to happen in China deeply reported New York times account of the administration's timeline raises new questions the times story cites a January twenty ninth memo from the president's trade adviser Peter Navarro and a January thirtieth phone call from health and Human Services secretary Alex ETS are warning the president about the global pandemic the stories as quote an array of figures such as White House advisers and experts in the cabinet and intelligence agencies recognize the corona virus threatened January and call for more aggressive action the White House responded Saturday by criticizing Democrats and the media for refusing to acknowledge the seriousness of the virus in January and February and praising the president for bold action correspondent but Michigan CBS news update on Tom forty case CBS news time is twelve thirty two the impact of the corona viruses crossing both borders and generations and for those who have dedicated their lives to living the American dream the blowers especially hard hitting Otis R. Taylor is the East Bay columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and he wrote a story about how social dis stin scene is affecting multi generational families case CBS news anchor Susan Kennedy caught up with the lotus tell us about the families you spoke with I spoke to the Pena family and you know initially I was thinking about writing about how old they are they're having troubles paying rent but it was so much more because when I met Leslie Pena the daughter of the shop's owner that shoe shops owner she was telling me how she was bringing food around to her family members and that's what she was worried about war so that actually paying rent and how she was going to feed her family then I asked her who she looked what then she had her sister her sister's child her three children and her parents just had to move into her brother's place because they didn't have enough room for the family she was taking it is this a new office our living together that's just been a recent change since the corona viruses has hit no it's been their whole lives and that was the point I was trying to make is that for people who live in multi generational family housing it's very hard to social distance particularly for low income and immigrant multi generational family living because those folks many of them are still out working essential jobs essential just the nature but they're not being paid like there's potential so you have this economic crush impacting these families and and they don't have the the space to distance and they're still going in and out of the house that is going to be problematic as as we continue to do what the coronavirus in adding to that is that if they are indeed immigrants they won't get anything from any of the stimulus packages at the federal government has been putting together that is so true do you have in this country about seven point six million on documents in the immigrants who are can contributing to the labor force everything from construction to working in our bars restaurants and hotels and you mean to tell me that these folks who work as hard as I do as hard as you do can't get government assistance when they need it the most that is problematic to me and you talk to any of the Oakland city officials about what they can do for these folks yes but there are options available for instance Oakland unified school district had a rapid relief fund but when I went out to an east Oakland school last week where teachers instance school officials were handing out Google chrome books there was two problems about that one many of these parents who are undocumented said they didn't have the internet and home to when I asked them about you know this rapid relief fund through the school district they didn't feel comfortable trusting a source that they didn't know wow this sounds like a it could be a quite the situation for not only the Pena family who you spoke with but a lot of families here in the bay area it exactly and that's what I'm focusing much of my coverage on right now is on the families the people who are impacted most by this and what I'm finding and what readers will be getting is that their economic depression this is nothing new this is been happening for generations and I feel it's incumbent on me and other reporters to point that out and say if one were building the country back putting it back together we need to think about how people have been impacted for their whole lives that was the Otis R. Taylor Eastbay columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle food waste isn't just a stinking mess in the United States it's a job creating energy producing billion.

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