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Yeah, that I was mean that you are suddenly I deleted it because it upset me too much, but someone wrote to took the time out of their day to go on the computer right to like Hello lady gang at g. Dot com and was like lady hang and she was basically like, I love the lady gang, but Kelty was so mean to the girls during the live show, it was awful to me and Becca, no to the I n o. And then I went back and I listen and like, okay, I was drunk. It was also kind of Kelty like the one girl broke the rules when I was like, okay, it's gonna be asked late again, and then she was just like, I just love you guy like no questions about us. But I think I did it in the Kelty way which is like my tone is not gray, which I like the girls always giving me trouble for. And then also like I also remember a couple times being like, I love how y'all talking amongst yourselves, like, please listen to us, but like I did it in my county way. And so I understand why people thought, but someone had to control those crazies. There were almost four hundred of you and you guys were belligerent like I love you lady gang and we have so much fun of New York. But like we made a slight mistake that all of you were so drunk by the time we arrived because there was two hours before the doors, even the door, helping somebody drinking. But here's the thing though. If somebody's coming to this live show they know how you are. That shouldn't be a surprise that you're like this type a freak to these girls, but I don't know. And then like because my voice got really hot. Hi. Like, do you know what I mean? I don't know, was I bad, maybe. What did you guys saying? Do you can't listen? No, listen, but like I agree that like somebody had to like, get them to whatever it was like shit show. It was a shit show. Somebody had to your shit show I've ever been to, but it was. It was what I do think like when people break the rules, if it's just like to tell us that they love us, maybe we should be nicer. It's now. I was just like, I do remember us being like, do not ask questions about. We're also not like a big presidential press conference. Like we're probably we can be a little more like you. Nice. Nice about it. Yeah, say thank you that you love us. Nice thing. I don't know. I'm not really continuing to try, but honestly is not going, you're angry drunk. I probably definitely not your the happiest, your persona. That was the VIP experience not everybody got to seek health's true. Kelty they'd be like, she's not mean at all. She's just like a crazy drunk. Yeah, people I was crawling. I was trying to be so we should've charged more for them to see that. I remember taking a tequila do not until twenty four hours. I don't remember that day and the next I was like, do we tequila shots in the middle of the lady? I the only reason I remember it's because the girl that bottom for us and I remember her name, but she was like, bub-bubba palm, the tequila shots. We bought, you know that over like forty eight hours later. So hungover. Oh yeah, it was. It was so it, Chris, who I love so much and I do want to report the things are much better around the night household name. It's been hard six months, but like I do appreciate just sidebar. We had like a big talk and we really got ourselves back on track. And I think that happens in marriages and relationships where you like Lowe's ebbs and flows and like, definitely we're back on track. So I. I say this with love he did was I said, would you think of the episode? Because I know he listens and he was like, I had to turn off halfway through..

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