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The brothers and the local imam. The role many people here still reluctant tour They closed up among themselves some of them were always together park talking but you never. Heard anything weird in the. Conversations they had one person who. Knew the men well talked to, us anonymously his. Words are translated he saw signs of radicalization a. Year before the attacks the kids did this in spite of the fact they had an. Easy life alive with a job family Gara alive the. Dream for most people I think they. Were missing something they heard avoid a spiritual void a religious void let's say they didn't know. Enough about the religion maybe they had some, kind of. Rage or or perhaps someone created that rage in them, someone used these rates to the bad things to others the self. Proclaimed imam Abdel back here Saturday was older than the others and had links to. Extremists going back more than a decade he was. Also well, known to the authorities his phone One point, was tapped by Spanish intelligence he went to Brussels. At the start of two thousand sixteen to. Try and become an imam. Police officers there had. Concerns about him but information was never formerly shared between. Spain and Belgium as Hans Bonte the local mayor in the area of Brussels told us first of all on the. Belgian level of policemen from. The local level put that information. In the federal Belgian databank to, get more information. But that information never never came to us also. Clear that the Russell lack of information exchange between the Catalan police federal Spain police initially. This look like a titan itself contain group of friends. Perhaps lead by Saudi but those leading. The investigation of told us they now believe it was something much wider Manila Castelveter is head. Of counter-terrorism investigations for moss the Catalonian police, resorted mentors Our. Main concern right now is basically the international. Connections in some ways within that they some brain outside of the pain, maybe, in Europe. Or, maybe in a conflict zone in the woman someone who, made them carry out, this attack evidence we've seen from multiple investigations, shows that the men were connected to wider, Jihadist networks with members of the cell traveling and contacting people widely across Europe Some of the strongest connections are to, Paris the men were caught on a speed camera here. Days before the attack and made phone calls people.

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