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Eighteen plus carries la- gear blunts utilization was huge. So I I mean, I think I need to move Sony Michelle up in my own mind because I am still stuck in the world where I don't believe Sony will be consistent. But you know, we have data to suggest he might get fifteen carries every single game. All right moving on to Marlin MAC. I call them Marla, Mike because he's Mike sky. We all have Marlin MAC at sixteen now. One of the reasons I think this show connects with listeners that you've told us is that we're not sitting here just giving you advice without any context. We're not you know, we're in leagues where very passionate about them. I enjoy beating these two gentlemen, very very much now in one of those leagues the Marlin MAC owner he's actually here today. He's behind the scenes longtime friend his name is Brian. He owns Marlin, Matt. He is here. Listening to the show. It's at this time. I would like you to please take off your headphones and not listen to. Well, no, no, no, no. After looking into Marla MAC, just even though some shade on them. They're going to be able to acquire Marlon half to throw a little bit of shade on. It's it's funny that he comes right off the heels of Sony Michelle in the rankings 'cause you're talking about the exact same player like the exact same role for the colts. When he came back from his injury. Seventeen carries a game eighty yards averaged a touchdown a game. But in that time, he was averaging one and a half receptions per game. He was an absolute monster when it came to getting carries in the red zone and the ten zone, but Naim Heinz had that pass catching role on lockdown. So if if you going to hold up to being a high end fantasy running back it's going to be all about the touchdown. So that's why I keep talking about the colts. As I want the colts running back. I'm not. Necessarily buying into Marla MAC what he can do. I'm buying into the colts offense. I think that they will they will continue to be one of the stronger offenses in the league. But the fact that they aren't utilizing or they didn't utilize MAC in the passing game, which I think he can succeed in, but they like Sony Michelle Sony can succeed in that role too. But they have James white. So why throw him the ball? I see I don't really worry about that. Because we've seen Marla MAC utilized in the in the previous year with heavy volume six targets game five targets game. And so we know he can't do when Naim Heinsohn there. Yeah. Sure. Very very different situation. And you also have factor in when you know, the games as they stacked up Marlin MAC was in the game. I mean, they were head. They were winning. There's fewer dump off we were gonna play different regime, though. Like this. This was Frank Reich was his team was look. Let's just look then at so this is the one thing I would say in his favor. Right. Okay. Marla MAC played how many games ten twelve game. Like that hold up his sixteen game pace with that regime. You're right only twenty three receptions. That's not great. But he was on pace for twelve hundred yards on the ground. If you can do that plus double digit twelve touchdowns for a great offense. That's going to be in good game scripts. Yeah. I don't think the argument here for Marlin MAC is to make the case that he's going to catch a ton of passes the same way, I wouldn't make argument with Sony even think Sony can't catch the ball a little bit..

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