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Biscuit on my chest. I wanna biscuit on my face. Neck and chest. Neil hapless get chest. Jesus christ yeah rub it on like vick for runoff. Yeah exactly that's creepiest fucked. My honorable mentions. I've got. I've got a lot of them here at the umbrella academy little little little the umbrella academy season two. I loved this fucking show and these are in no particular order guys like these are no particular order. The umbrella academy season two upright on sundance. Tv i absolutely i lock in loved this show. I talked about it on a previous episode. Thought it was. Tim mentions fantastic. And i loved it. Tosh point the final season on comedy. Central daniel tosh is one of my favorite comedians and the season was fantastic even throughout the pandemic. It's what i needed to keep laughing. Alison borderland on netflix. Which has been green lit for a season too. I love the first season of alison. Boorda land it was so fantastic. Do yourself a favor and watch this one. The dole mandalorian season two is an honorable mention for me. We are who we are on h. b. Oh my god the show that everyone should be watching that. No one is talking about. We are who we are on hbo. I absolutely loved this show. It's from the director of call me by your name. And i loved it. The queen's gambit on net flicks starting on your taylor joy. What a fucking limited series on netflix frayed on. Hbo max and hbo max original i. They brought it over from the sky network. Funny comedy i loved it. Ozark season three on netflix. Oh my god. They brought in. Tom pelfrey and i loved it. Loved jason bateman tiger king on netflix rebecca. You brought this up ya. I don't think twenty twenty. I don't think. I don't think you can finish twenty twenty without mentioning tiger king. Absolutely i know this much is true on. Hbo with mark ruffalo. He plays dominik. Bird and thomas birdseye and he recounts his troubled relationship with his brother his paranoid schizophrenic twin brother and his efforts to get him released from an asylum. This was an amazing mini series on. Hbo little america. I'll give it an honorable mention. Because i loved half of the season. I this is on apple tv. Highly recommended shits creek season six the final season. I'm a huge shits creek. Fan loved it. Everything's gonna be okay. This is on free form. You can also watch it on hulu. I highly recommend this. You've got a character nicholas. His dad dies and he had started nicholas lives in australia. His dad's started a new family in america. He's got teenage half sisters. One of whom is on the autism spectrum and nicolas takes over as like they're basically like the adult that's going to be taken care of these girls as they're going into their high school years and it is a fucking incredible show. It did get a season. Two october faction on net flicks. I loved it. I fucking loved. October faction came out very early in the year. But i loved october faction the circle on that flicks is another one of the shows that i love reality. Show jake. you're absolutely right. They need to fucking fast track. This season two. I don't know why they're fucking dragging their feet on this one..

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