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Dot com slash Trump. Administration says there's progress on trade talks with China Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says he and Trade Representative Robert lighthizer had around of constructive talks with Chinese officials in Beijing. In a tweet Mnuchin said he looks forward to welcoming China's vice premier to Washington next week to continue the discussions, President Trump has been putting the screws on China threatening to raise tariffs on two hundred billion dollars a Chinese goods in Washington. Rachel Sutherland, Fox News in North Carolina. Charter school can't force girls to wear skirts. A federal judge rules ruled the schools dress code requiring skirts for females students is unconstitutional violator spaces, spins and expulsions a mother who was part of the lawsuit says she wanted her daughter to wear pants, so she could play outside sit comfortably and stay warm in the winter a major airline is willing to step away from deal with renowned California stadium. United Airlines Friday offered to withdraw from sixty nine million dollar deal. To change. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to United Airlines Memorial Coliseum. The offer to rescind comes following criticism that adding a corporate name is disrespectful to the venues history of honoring troops who fought and died in World War, One university of southern California, which owns the historic venue announced the agreement with United last year as part of an extensive two hundred seventy million dollar renovation and a letter to USC United Airlines, California president Janet lampkin said the air carrier would be amenable to abiding by the wishes of the community stepping away from this partnership with USC and quote, Matt Napolitano, Fox News. Today's spacewalks didn't go as originally planned. Quick for me. It was supposed to be the first female space walk with the lineup.

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