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Move on? Yes. Of course, lean. Okay. Can we move onto the breaking news Robert Kraft, or which breaking news about Bradley Cooper? Oh my gosh. Okay. So here's the deal. He. The mystery is real between Bradley Cooper and lady Gaga. And apparently Laurie just found in article. They were seen cozying up behind the scenes at the Warner Brothers post Oscar party on Sunday night in photos exclusively obtained by the Daily Mail ever seen embracing and whispering to each other partygoer meaning. Who knows the publicist or somebody told Daily Mail the Gaga me to be line for him as soon as she arrived. They were hugging and leaning close to talk to each other's here. She hung out with them for almost two hours and his mom sat and he gets the girlfriend, right? You're right. She's the girlfriend. This is why I would be very jelly if I were her because I've had your child and we've been together three years, and that's kind of timeline Miller. I know she was sitting on the couch in the shadows. At the back of the room. Not looking impressed. Okay. Well arena shake his girlfriend right now. They've been dating since two thousand fifteen and she had just ended a five year relationship with Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Renaldo. Okay, K. But if we go back into the history vol does he now have more say it started out in two thousand and six when he married in the south of France, Jennifer Esposito as vizier were both on alias dated for less. Than a year before announcing their gauge moment in October two thousand six married in December with an intimate ceremony in south of France. Only four months later before Esposito filed for divorce in her twenty fourteen memoir. She was on blue bloods, she was on Susan show gorgeous. She's gorgeous. She refers to Bradley Cooper as a master manipulator. Okay, now after her he went on to Isabella Brewster Brewster might seem like a familiar name. It's the fast and furious actress Jordana Brewster younger sister. So she was a c a talent agent at the time and in two thousand and nine they hung out for a little while. Then let's move onto Renee Zellweger his co-star. They met on the set of case thirty nine the to started dating the summer of two thousand nine soon after divorce from who Kenny Chesney for why fraud. Yup. And their relationship started then and they win on Intel twenty eleven and ended due to their busy schedules. Then Jennifer Lopez was hanging out with him for a little while and fall of twenty eleven it would have been a hot. Then he met Zoll said Saldahna Danya, Donna, Donna. The words filming that movie the words soon after she had split with her fiance. They started dating for about a year. Aw. Right before New Year's, so Donna became dating someone else, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay, next. Guess we dated secure Waterhouse. Oh, that's right. Sh she weighed two young was an English actress she appeared in movies, the insurgent the bad batch and billionaire boys club dated for March twenty thirteen to March twenty fifteen and created some controversy with the seventeen year age now, then he moves on to who arena. Yep. The supermodel three years. Yup. And they've been since two thousand fifteen March of two thousand seventeen to welcome their first child a daughter Leah to sign the scene despite the eleven year. Amazing Warner Brothers party. No press was allowed yet. They have photos some some blurry kind of photos, but you can see it's them. And apparently arena was sitting. I couch with Bradley Cooper's. Mom, gloria. And if you didn't know any better, you wouldn't even know she was there with Bradley. Well, there you go. So do you think calling off the engagement was more than just she was real busy? No. Fell out of love with doesn't matter. She, you know, she's not in a relationship. So yeah. But we could see the chemistry between these two since early on. And even every time she wanted to ward for the song. Oh and Bradley. Oh. One. Sing this song with. Everything. And a new career. Seriously. There was thick chemistry and Bradley Cooper. Column. Lady, bradley. Lady Gaga did become the first person in history to win an Oscar Grammy a BAFTA and a Golden Globe in one year. Which is amazing though. It's it's all about forget the got it's the bowl. That's wanna get Oscar a British kademi award, a Golden Globe and a. Grammy, Oscar, Grammy BAFTA and Golden Globe. She is only as the second person to ever get that who's the first Audrey Hepburn. Oh, who's diamond? She wore. That's right. Let's talk about that diamond. Let's talk about though, the in memoriam real quick. For gas. And they seem to remember a lot of people that had obscure jobs in the industry, which obscure jobs take up. You know, there are those people. Now, they make the movie, but there behind the scene there behind the scenes producers. No, the producer, Gary Kurtz, who produced a best picture nominees American graffiti Star Wars and The Empire Strikes back. He died in September at the age of seventy eight Stanley Donen Donovan who directed singing in the rain as well as seven brides for seven brothers and funny face. It's an inexcusable he died on Saturday. They could've added him. And he could have been the last photo they left. Carol Channing was an Oscar nominee thoroughly modern Millie, David Ogden stiers gremlin star, dick Miller and Sondra Locke. I would hate to have that job say always forget someone I know, but Stanley Dornan it was so fresh it was Saturday there in rehearsal. It was like anyway. So the the greatest musical effort. Yeah. And free. So low won the best documentary, not our BG. And what's it about memorized with the story? I just I finally watch dead. And it is the story about that. Alex. Han old. I think as as naming he did a. Climb up L capitan in Yosemite without ropes and the clips and stuff that people use and this man, Kato native, Jimmy Chen and his wife produce the movie, and they were all up in stage. And we just watched it yesterday. You're going to be able to watch it this weekend. Okay. March third on National Geographic for free. Which is awesome. It's on demand right now for eleven ninety nine but it's going to be on that child. So that was that was a cool. Oh, they were. So. I think he did think our BG was going to. There were so excited that was fun. All right. Listen, we come back. I don't know if he is going to give us the highs the lows, the head scratchers of Oscars are right. So stay tuned. It's random thoughts recently overheard on Donna and St Louis got home meets cufflinks. Guess what? I don't have cufflinks. Cufflinks? I just don't want him. Obvious relationships. I don't know if. Honestly, not here for every every man I've killed. At the end of your life. You're like an when we went down to the basement. Did stumble on six cadavers who went to the.

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