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Dollars on bogus prize promotions investments. Gold coins you name it. So the FBI went to March. And said we really think that we need to take your telephone number way from you because it's being used to ruin your life. So once Marge agreed to that her telephone number was installed in the home of an FBI. Volunteer. And that volunteer every time that phone line rang, the Marjolein that volunteer would pick up that telephone an answer it and pose as March. David diamond. How are you? Okay. Here. Video. Yes. I have it. Okay. Video is with regards. Is the person who is heading up program. Accessible upstart companies successful you've probably heard of hard copy. Original producer hardcopy. You're smiling. As you listen to this. What what are you smiling about? Well, I'm smiling. Because I it's been awhile since I've heard heard Mars, and she sounds so old and so fragile and such an easy Mark when you know, she's the sharp FBI informant. She doesn't look as old as as she sounds trust me. So that's one one aspect of it. The the other aspect is this whole Mark Erickson is he a real person is a real person he was named in our lawsuit. And was he a an original producer of hard copy? He was a segment producer and on the air reporter for hard copy for a brief period of time. And I mean is this sort of typical of the cons in the tapes that you've heard that that they'll try to associate what they're selling with a legitimate business, or or organization or television show something that people have heard of. Exactly, they want wanna make this. Yeah. Something people can relate to. Invest everything got or do nothing at all. You should invest everything you have. Transfer all of this program or do nothing. It doesn't make just a little bit. Think about doing a million dollars in this program. Oh god. No. That's right might. Liquid every nickel. You've got that you want to be in this situation You you either one. wholeheartedly and upgrade your investments or or you don't. The whole thing. I haven't never liquidate everything I have. Mike because there's always gambled. Anything like this? What? Well. Like well. Invest in. There's always that Yambol. Now, I want to ask you, you told me once that you thought he sounded nervous on this tape, and in this part where she saying, you know, an investment like this, and he's sort of, you know, questioning her well, what do you mean? Like this. I wonder is do you have any sense that he's suspicious that she might know what he's up to do. They know that volunteers are out there. Trying to trap them posing his dupes. No since we talked about this tape last actually sorta had a revelation came to me as to why. I listened to over forty individual tapes of David diamond conversations with margin conversations with others over the course of about a year and one of the things when you've listened to all of them, you find that David in sort of the early the earlier part of that year. Was much more kind of sweet in cautious in trying to bond with these women in patient, and sometimes it's been an hour on the phone with them table be an hour long..

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