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The seventy fifth anniversary of the invasion. This year. The British company that made those original day clicks on a search and rescue mission of its own of the seven thousand clicker manufactured by acme whistles during World War, Two less than a dozen have been recovered. Now. The company has launched a worldwide campaign to find loss clippers and learn the stories behind the brave troops, who carried them we spoke with Ben McFarland, the head of sales, and marketing at acme whistles, which still manufactures whistles in the same Birmingham England factory, that took direct hit from Nazi bombers during the war. He says that the few confirmed clippers in circulation are all held by museums and private collectors, acme whistles. Itself doesn't possess even one of the original clippers, although it sells an exact replica made with the original machine presses just because there have been so few recovered clippers. It doesn't mean that they're not more out there. Mcfarland said it just means the people don't know that they've got them, acme was has been business. Eighteen seventy and is responsible for a number of important with a I it's founder just Hudson invented the first police whistle used by the London. Metropolitan police prior to that the Bobby on the beat used a wooden rattle. Also invented the very first sports with the original acme under before that football referees. That's soccer to Americans in the UK waved, a white handkerchief to get the players. Attention, not quite as active. But back to the clippers since the clippers were exclusively supplied the US hundred first airborne McFarland, expects that many reside in America either handed down as heirlooms from generation to generation, or in the hands of antiques collectors, who may not know, the Herat providence of these humble looking boxes. The day. Clicker also known as the acme cricket was originally used by marching band leaders to click out the tempo of piece of music. They're made of brass and are half open rectangular boxes about the size of the top joint of thumb by path open. I mean that one short end in parts of two walls are missing from the design the remaining short end is labeled with the acme maiden England.

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