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Bit struggling with his last started epsom's undulations I think that's what got him. Beat on the day but back to new market. Yeah he can run big rice saying he's going to win the race but eager and big race so Spirit answer would be. My main selection naval commander. It'll be my my Swing for the fences one. What about you mean selection undergo A huge and we haven't seen him yet and i'll go each way for data protection. I would just say that. I think a better drawer. He'd be very hard to be. Unfortunately doesn't eighty one by the way. William moore chris classic and allen claiming that incredibly valuable seven pounds at the last race. We're going to talk about is A trip to the arlen so recording from cork today and this is the alan smurfit. Memorial burswood stakes. This is become an incredibly important race in terms of finding out. Who's going to be big players over the next season's although high-definition mentioned that name too much But see. The stars took this on route to his incredible three-year-old campaign. And all of the last ten renews have been won by a number on and i think he's darby horses luxembourg and i expect him to win we've no betting which is really frustrating because we have declarations we. Have we have full dex. It's it's a. It's a saturday race and yet no bookmaker is pricing it up. why why. Why do we not have prices this account on descended anyway. Luxembourg is at one run and a very impressive win. I thought he was sent off. Favourite that day domenico. Brian is actually just taken out His batty you're going to be very low pronunciation and i'm pretty sure butchered anyway Who's the new york. Oh so we're wondering impressively and maybe that's why there's no bedding policies bookmakers. You're off the hook because he would have been a major player. Manu accord we talked about before hunt was probably on lookie Add liberte said unless some out. E- run a big race behind. He's all atomic jones who Beat him on. Debut and big things have been expected of this. He's only got the one win from five stars but he's in there again for Jim bolger But luxembourg i think will will take an awful lot of beating here We have no prices women. Now we don't want to say about this race is the. I think it's brilliant that there's a horse of money at coordinates ability in this because he says the standard on one which broadly runs to a standard is is a roman serve which we can clean how well the race is gonna match off in the future. So horse beets monday at today. We know that he's running amok better better than hundreds and sue and is a law fewest ought to do so. I think they need to this. You can do that and annoyingly. Been his deal has been non one. Because i thought you'd have a really good job. I love the way you could conduct lonnie and beat to white horse. Who's been in into as luxembourg. It colonie as well Very easily indeed in a very nice performance and the time was not amazing. But you know it was just very very visually impressive. And i think you're absolutely right in saying that. He's the dhabi always for next year. This is a race. The trainer just loves to win. He's only who was in this contest. I think that speaks volumes and provide. This doesn't get become tactical even if it does to be honest link luxemburgo. Visual evidence is going off pace to handle it anyway. But i think he's the one to be and i think you'll probably win fairly well. Chicago's soldier and to wake or look a little bit too. Exposed to eight renews that tongue twice a make a big difference. And he's been put in his place by luxembourg already unlocks about having his first run. Yes you had to give it a little bit of way. But there was no chance could be opinion. Chicago soldiers is not enough so far and the only mentioned we haven't mentioned is swollen bay. It wanna go in a five length rump. It was a good performance. The rice wasn't particularly strong. I think it's fair to say and anchorage who's beaten second has been put in his place fairly easily and other types of races similar to this one on swan bay did well. He's the of host meter will need step of in tripping future. He's got appropriate long action. Think could be suited by Tomorrow in the hall in slime ball just stunting you'll be good enough to trouble. Luxembourgers go pace. On debuts clearly highly regarded and the owning toolbox is the ruins to new market but if luxembourg is is the only good chance at the Ryan is winning a good rice than you're gonna stand while he's gone to new market because a couple of group once he could win so for me. It's luxembourg inox spoken swollen by disappointed if money were code a oneness. Even though he's got a raise. Because i just feel like you know what i mean. I feel like yeah. It'd be game. Yeah because the who's in second and third words of fulfilled that potential or least what they showed loss timeout in untroubled menu code. Nothing that would be a shame. So hopefully luxembourg will prove to good here and to gin style. I'm we'll have yet. Another a nebraskan contend us look forward to next year for this classics on camera out of a daniel. What he certainly bread phrase knee beautifully This is so much liked this source and a loved his debut So i think in terms of the one hundred and fifty thousand guineas yearling. That's nothing come back to me when you're talking about horse cost six hundred grand. Now we're talking New york city for example cost six hundred k. By the way Now now now. We're talking about a proper horse but aden's two year olds are absolutely flying and i with With the new yorker source out of this race. I would be bitterly disappointed if he was beaten and backed him for the darby already. I'll be completely awesome it. I've done that. But i i agree with you that it would be. I'd be happy if manoeuver record second. I would be gossard. If my new record beats luxembourg absolutely devastated this race benz as for exactly the reasons that you've explained so yeah we have to wait and see what kind of a price is going to be wondering what pricey they'll put them in actually is a really good question interesting because with the hype surrounding him. I'm with that vision impression and with this whole field on with two of those run as brady holding. no chance. you'd think it's really between three of the month. Luxembourg could easily starts off. Won't even money plus zone. Yeah even money would would be what i would be thinking and i and i think even money is bordering on fair because swan bay has to be a massive contender amana record. Is you know men accord so it just makes sense that looks and is the one that number ten rules. It may as well be twenty. This is basically his race and the fact that they've chosen to run him over anything else as you said is is fascinating bush Even money i think would be would be reasonable for luxembourg. That'd be fair so we'll see how at what is your best bet of the weekend. Different all gonna damnedest at a. I think he's about twenty five twenty eight to one another think Considering ease fa me a hundred plus rated force in the future off a ninety ninety-two without first on tvs and the step up to a mile will not one story of to finish his when he dealt really strongly. I think he's a massive bryce. I agree I'm still going to stick with spirit. Dancer though and i think hms endeavor is the better the weekend eighteen to one eighteen one endeavor you insane i mean thanks. Thank you very much. We'll take that that's it. What are you next on racing. Tv moment. i think. I'm gonna jump on saturday so once. All the excitement of newmarket is finished. You can shoot for cracking weather coal. So the folks that we have to be fair. Chumsford does develop just produce some proper quality so of track tracks. I think it's probably the the one that consistently has the best quality..

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