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S models posted at a full six thousand MS RPM and all other atlas models are posted at five thousand MS RPM. Plus when you buy your new Volkswagen from north park. You'll also get no charge factory synthetic oil and filter changes for three years or thirty thousand miles north park. Exclusive? Tis the season to experience Volkswagen the north Parkway I tended dominion drive north park. W dot com. RPO twenty five nine zero zero dealer. Discount thirty and nine hundred VIN one one five one one seven atlas v thirty to twenty nine dealer. Discount five thousand AC six zero zero seven six eight with one thousand drive to decide bullets casualties for forty eight months with ten thousand miles per year with one thousand down it's time to ring in the new year. This is the time of year we have marathons specifically the twilight zone marathons. So if you care to share your favorite twilight zone episode, you can or you can dial in and talk about anything this evening as we are getting ready to as I said celebrate the new year the number eight eight eight nine four one pags nine four.

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