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Is because very interesting dan and i want your take on this how do we start to separate artist from film i have fearsome screeners for you guys and i was going to watch wonder wheel which is what our yazd in movie but supposed to be terrible and with all these allegations now but reality and i feel like i'm is what's the hypocrisy of any else now all of a sudden we see what are we can't support woody allen even their renewal with the step for years so is okay when i watch midnight paris because i loved unlike hemingway and it's funny swims icl but now i can get on my high horse and so no i'm not going to watch wonder mill the movies sucks it's made by the villain woody allen so how'd you stir separate each week we start to say ethan hawke who i love who was wonderful when i met him but then i mentioned to my cousin she goes all we cheated on his way for the nanny into the and i go okay like i don't have to look at these guys as heroes but if he has a personal failing i suppose but now do kind of her watch chinatown again because won't plants is a horrible person no i think were kind of in the middle of the storm right now still and it's forward mainly the right reasons i think it's going to come with time when you can start to accept these artists for the art as you said in separate them from the man we saw a lot of it with casey affleck last year and he still won best actor i i don't think he would win this year if he was up for the award as we saw with frank or not even getting nominated i think it's going to be a time situation on the you're gonna have to wait i think hollywood's in this still in the middle of this huge upheaval it's going to be a long time before you can just say that's a bad person but i appreciate there aren't you love manchester by the sea has did i i did if casey affleck could not win best actor because of sexual harassment allegations against would you a bit upset.

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