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In Harris County the third judge yeah and this isn't just when you walk into a store anywhere in public you have to wear a mask or a thousand dollar fine yeah I that's you know that's going to be making the people that work at banks very very nervous you know because you probably everybody if you've if you're dealing with a major bank you know if you have an account with a major bank is seen the emails you get a Hey we're still open for business but but but if you can you know you gotta check deposit use the op but with the the tellers you know or at the drive through the whole thing you know kind of limit the exposure if you can but I can't imagine being a teller at a bank or anybody that's working at a bank I just walked watching everybody that walks in right now has a mask you know I mean it's just that's got to be nerve wracking but anywhere in public in Harris County right and we're just Houston right the judge has a thousand dollar fine associated with the order she believes law enforcement will use their discretion what discretion what you gonna what you gonna let the elite rich go without wearing a mask but you're gonna find the poor person about what discretion what will you must bust anybody who's not wearing a mask public so here's my question is how much of a priority is this well you saw on Forsman officers well it's not a big one because the the police union to Middle East said now they put on official letter they put out they put out a letter and I I saw release on your television media you're telling me that they need to go after people during a pandemic right you know that this goes back to do Dallas County when the judge Jenkins there last week issued an order that if you were going to go into an essential business or on public transportation in our case it's the Dallas area rapid transit dart is the acronym if you're gonna write dark or you were going to go into the any essential business that was open essentially anything that's left open then you have to wear a mask it was to protect the employees and the work there was a thousand dollar fine attached to it the next day the county commissioners voted three to two to say now no fine you're not gonna go if you can give people a thousand dollar fine during a pandemic people are out of work people aren't you know again they're not doing well and they only have thirty four hundred dollars in the bank four six hundred dollars a week from the federal government that's not enough but but that whole idea and and I can see that the police officers we've been saying for quite a while what must be like a police officer in a parking lot at a church trying to enforce an absurd rule yeah the police union immediately came out with the public statement against it saying look we we believe people should do it but most people do it on their own and and you know the vast majority the public is cooperating and doing the right thing but we were trying to build a relationship with our with the people out there we start busting people for thousand dollar fines for not wearing a mask yeah exactly and how do you do discretion and and even even the Attorney General came out said you should use your discretion what does that mean well what is his Attorney General saying no use your discretion and don't do it or only some people with masks that don't have masks on get find out what what N. I mean everybody gonna you're gonna question I'm gonna sit them down okay well why is it that you're not we're in a mess well I I don't have it with me I forgot it work or I forgot it at home I forgot in my car or or I have I have a breeding problem but I can't wear a mask it inhibits my breathing that you know it makes me sicker how to wear a mask and I can't you know breathe properly through a mask all right you've just wasted how much time for for that officer who should be dealing with I don't know prime but this is the insanity eight to issue an advisory what the county would like everyone to know that here's why would you wear a mask I think there's a significant number of people that still don't understand why you wear a mask it's not to protect you yeah I want to bring that up because it seemed like the confusion is still out there right well wait a minute the the the original masks that that that people wear don't let the you know don't let the virus in this lets the virus in well that means that lets the virus out so what's the purpose of wearing the mask it's not about letting the virus in around it's about how far the projectiles go well it and that's it it's about protecting someone else from you if you're a symptomatic but you're carrying the disease you're protecting others from you you're trying to mitigate that basically your pre covering your mouth and your nose before you cough or sneeze right it's also not about breeding you know big because people out there saying well you can read right through there this mask and and I don't you know it's if if there's going to be I guess a role for county commissioners are judges in this case you know in the counties are mayors are the federal government you know the advisory role look this is why you wear a mask to be clear to protect others from you so you're trying to cook your eggs in case you cough or sneeze it will it will not go as far and if you're a symptomatic and carrying this disease you won't affect others there are people in those essential businesses out of respect for them how bout you wear a mask pretty simple but no we must have a heavy handed government we're wishing that the most yeah but it's a dumb rule it is so if you're on okay by the way can you golf in Harris County I don't know I'm not sure if you golf you have to wear a mask if you're out in public I if I'm if I'm not on my front lawn and everybody else is out on their front lawn doing lawn work do I have to wear a mask or will I be ticketed again I'm fine I'm fifty feet from the next person that's dumb I well I'm I'm gonna just are wearing the full Deadpool outfit the whole thing not just the mast everything I I saw somebody out and about the other day I was actually going through the drive through part of this parking lot it was a drive thru pharmacy that was attached to a grocery store so I was in the parking lot but I saw someone coming out of the store and they were wearing sunglasses and they were wearing a bandanna over their their face and they had a hoodie on because it was raining and I thought well you know mama was exactly that dissents K. or no it's just the coronavirus I mean I fully expect it to get to the absurd point of you know someone walking in it early on someone walking in a bank wearing a mask and people are like oh my gosh that person has called it no no don't worry I don't have called it I'm just here I'm just gonna commit thank Robert is a comedy bit of fast and always on real I mean seriously it is not but but again I think it's a decent practice I'm showing respect for those workers that are there here's what hit me last week maybe the week before I went into a place and that store was policy clearly that everyone all the workers wearing masks I thought okay I kind of feel you know like a like you know I'm better I'm not doing the right thing here if I walk in I should be able to at least show some respect by wearing the mask now my my lovely niece made one that's pretty great it's gone American eagle on the front of it and and did a great job she met him for the whole family and I were and I wear it when I go into business because the workers there are wearing one and it's it's the new handshake I also when I wake up when I walk in I I've said this a couple weeks ago the new handshake is also what using the sanitizer gel on your way it I mean it's it's kind of a social thing but it's it's to show respect but it's also happens to be effective and for a fundamental reason right now and I just think that when you get into the the policy the heavy policy of a Harris County or Dallas county or state of Michigan we just have to hit the brakes and say what a world we doing here I mean to what extent if you say you should wear a mask anytime you go out if you were you Donna dot you should you must wear a mask any time you go out well then don't go out the safer bet is to stay home nobody gets to go outside at all we can sit and mitigate this thing to the death of an economy but when we're talking about the greatest colony in the world when you get to that point long before you get to that point third world nations will starve people will die as a result of policy eight six six ninety right I but.

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