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But is it loaded? What idiot would let, dear man, I mean, on board, with a loaded pistol. And then I thought you were an idiot. You're not going to survive this, you try that. So I didn't do it. More code. We're not doing it? No, thank God I didn't want a stupid thing to try and do. Okay, so by 1978, you were in Vietnam reporting on a refugee crisis and remind us what happened in Vietnam because I think you ended up getting arrested. Well, there was a tremendous exodus of people and they were taking every kind of vessel boat whatever to escape. And of course the malaysians were not too clean to see people on that scale coming into their country, especially illegally. And they took pretty strong measures to try and stop them. We got on to one of the boats because we thought there was a clever idea to see just how much they were suffering. And they were suffering gravely. They were dead people on the boat. They were terribly squashed below decks in huge numbers, and we had a boat that had taken us out there. And he was standing off, and we thought, well, that's fine. He'll wait for us. But actually he didn't. He fled, and we were left stranded on the boat, our fate, really bound with theirs. And we then spent a certain amount of time trying to help these people land. And of course, that upset the locals, something rotten, and we arrested. Well, in 1990, yearend Johannesburg to watch Nelson Mandela walked to freedom. What was that like and how do you go about reporting a story of that kind? I think the problem was, it was intoxicating. It was absolutely the most glorious and it was liberation. It was, I mean, near South Africa had a terrible record of apartheid and all the rest of it..

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