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To be knowledge that allows us to understand. How experienced Haredi working. Less less impactful way before we decided one of the steps to bring it so caught on. My Team's job is not just to essentially build arid face, loading experiences, but to build the platform technology that will almost democratize voice technology stack, and allow for that to be incorporated into our existing district a site, so for example you can have natural language search around sort of news items throughout fantasy ads. You know the ability to build site hands-free experiences full outage. Slap not to ridden site. In a if people listened to their podcast on the phone again to atoll, they connect the phone so that blaze a from that. We can still provide voices right through the voice navigation experience. I. Understand so then the other question I had for you just. In terms of the work, you've done to date. Is What we've just talked about as a lot about news breaking news, keeping people informed about the events of the day. How, much of your work, previously, like a rat Alexa and some of the other things you're doing with voice was around a mining, your back catalogue of content. One of the big challenges that any organization such A. So, For while the BBC's right, I think will be stole which was essentially bringing programs that we have available our Cassim Amana on transaction.

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