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Out of there. Homes. Authorities are investigating after a sixteen year old boy was killed in a shooting in south suburban Dalton police say the teen was gunned down yesterday behind an apartment building in the two hundred block of east one hundred forty four th street that is near the academy for learning an alternative high school where the victim was apparently a student. Here's community activists. Andrew holmes. So it's still in a preliminary sending detectives and police department are working trying to determine what happened to look for a balanced care. No arrests have been made Joliet. Police have identified a man who was shot and killed yesterday afternoon by one of its officers it happened outside of a home near where Allen street intersects with displaying. So the displays river in Joliet. Witnesses say thirty eight year old Bruce Carter came out of that home with a gun and that the officer shot him. He died at the hospital. No one else was injured apparently police were following up on a Bank robbery investigation. A civil rights lawsuit has been filed against the Chicago Board of education and the Chicago public schools teacher was great teacher. Kristen Haynes is accused of inviting a woman to classroom to help administer discipline to a student suit claims that discipline included dragging, the boy to a school bathroom spanking him with a belt and slapping his face the other woman's identified as Fifty-six-year-old Juanita Tyler. She has five prior arrests for domestic battery the alleged incident happened last year at George W Tilton elements. Vic Vaughn WGN new. Forums involving candidates for Chicago mayor yesterday education took center stage at the forum at the north river commissioned. This is candidate Lory Lightfoot. This is a kind of revitalization of our neighborhood schools that we need unfortunately fee because frankly, the budget impasse, the Springfield a lack of priorities neighborhood schools. We have schools over city that have the potential for greatness, but are being starve a resource. The second forum hosted by Crain's Chicago business in WGN radio. You can find that online at the WGN radio dot com. Talk show host Ellen Degeneres rewarding Chicago woman who up dozens of homeless people during last week's cold snap. Candice pain spearheaded an effort to get hotel rooms for one hundred homeless people. After hearing the story DeGeneres surprise pain on her show with fifty thousand dollars from WalMart the episode aired yesterday and now WGN sports. Here's Dave Bennett. Well, editor auto Puerto junior exit stage left Bobby Portis in Jabbar. Sorry parker. The bull. Swung at trade deadline eve deal. The said Portis in Parker to Washington for porter. The twenty five year old Puerto in his sixty or out of Georgetown Portis is headed for restricted free agency next offseason, saying Portis and Parker. Go still tough for teammate. Zach LeVine trade specs.

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