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Results will be in so that Z 22 days and that started today. The vaccines from thighs are rolling out right now they're on trucks heading to, uh, frontline health care workers and first responders and others right now. We're talking about whether or not you will take them. The Texas lawsuit was kicked by the Supreme Court and the Electoral College cast their votes today, those of the four big stories and we have got a couple of questions for you. We want you to answer it 805 to 01234. That's 805 to 01234 get online and we will get you on the air now. Have all of the above is cast aside. Of course, I'm talking about Supreme Court. Texas, etcetera, etcetera. If Joe Biden is to become the next president of the United States, if he wants officially becomes quote unquote president elect once the electors make the decision. We have a question. What kind of a Biden administration? Are we going to see what kind of a Harris administration might we see? Well, tell me, Troy wrote a really interesting piece that I wrote in politico about that is Joe Biden setting himself up and his administration up for failure by creating a conflict in some of the most important positions in the White House. Heavy Troy joins us Now he is the presidential historian, former White House aide. He's got a book out. Which is incredible. It talks about the story we're about to talk about right now. The book is called Fight House rivalries in the White House from Truman to Trump heavy Choi joins us now in the Hugh Hewitt show. To be good to talk to you. How are you this morning? I'm great, Bob. Thanks for having me on really appreciated. What a great article you wrote. I mean, the comparison that you made between the John Kerry Tony Blinken potential relationship here in the Secretary of State's office, with John Kerry being kind of You know, positioned as potentially being more powerful with Cabinet level powers than blinking as secretary of state. The comparison to the Eisenhower administration is simply remarkable. I'm gonna let you kind of give us the thumbnail sketch of that number follow up. I'd be happy to look, I saw this carry Blake in relationships that they're talking about. And it just struck me that this is something I talk about. In my book Fight house that you had in the 19 fifties. Eisenhower wasn't happy with Direction of disarmament policy, which is kind of like, I guess maybe the climate policy of the day and it was the number one issue in the Republican Party. Just like climate is a big issue in the Democrat Party, and he Eisenhower. Said. Well, John Foster Dulles Secret State Not working fast enough. Let me bring in Harold Stassen. Who many of us No no as this guy who ran for president too many times, But at the time, Harold Saxon was this young up and coming guy. Who had just been governor of Minnesota is very talented, and he said, Let's bring this guy and make him the lead negotiator on climate give him Cabinet rank and The New York Times loved this, and they called him. The secretary for Peace, which really irked Foster Dulles, who said What does that make me the Secretary for war? So these guys were poised to fight from minute one. And it sounded very similar to weigh that carried Lincoln's relationship set up today. Yeah, now And as you point out in the article, this did not end well, really for either guy, But, you know, in the end, Dulles, you know, ends up prevailing. Tell us, you know, by the way you mistaking likes that climate because it is a great analogy. You said climate when you meant to say disarmament. In this particular case, But it is a great analogy or John Kerry is being given the I don't know what would we call them the secretary for for climate, climate change or climate regulation or whatever. And what does that mean? If he is unable to refuse, empowered rather to negotiate with foreign countries as it pertains to Paris climate accords, etcetera, etcetera, does he have to get clearance from Lincoln? Who is the actual secretary of state, or is he going to be off on his own? Yeah, that's that's a great question. And then the flip side is interesting question, too, because Carrie is a former secretary of state is going to be sitting on the National Security Council. And what if issues come up related to the Middle East or Russia or China? Policy? Isn't Carrie gonna be weighing in and will people be looking to him is the former secretary of state so That it could create tensions. Both on the climate front is, Blinken said, Hey, why don't I get way out of the secretary state? And then on the other issues, Carrie might feel like he wants to weigh in on everything. You know, it's it's kind of interesting is you make this great comparison in the article, which again comes from your book about Stassen handing in his resignation, and essentially, you know, Dulles, one that power struggle If you will, you know, Stassen was the new and up and comer. And in this case, the guy who's been handed a cabinet level position or a position that isn't Cabinet level but being given Cabinet powers Is the old guard is there as you say, the former secretary of state who's already got relationships and in fact, some people may accuse him of violating the Logan Act, which you know sometimes gets kicked around now because he has continued to the O to carry on relations with a lot of other foreign leaders. But this is John care. He's the He's the old dog here and use you point out in your article. He's got an ego that is outside even for Washington, D. C. Can you see him taking any orders whatsoever from somebody like blanket? I think it's gonna be hard and then I do point out the issue. That ego is a huge part of this, and Carrie was often voted the most egotistical senator, so I think it's going to be hard for him to step back on the on the other side. Let me say that everybody does say that Blinking is a nice guy, which could be a good thing meaning and nice guys left after getting the sites or it could be a bad thing. That in my book and fight house, I find that sometimes the nice guys in the White House fights get stepped on and don't stand up in themselves. And that leaves detention as well. Tell us this heavy, Troy. Why blinking Because you know very nice guys You're talking about not extraordinarily experienced in this certainly not as much as a former secretary himself like John Kerry. Why? Tony Blinken. Why is that a comfort level or comfort zone if you will for Joe Biden. Well, First of all, he's very smart and every day since he's very smart and has worked in foreign policy issues a lot. He just hasn't been a principal is they called the top dogs in Washington, and he has been very loyal to Biden and binds loyal to him, and I think we're seeing that. For the most part buying is trying to pick people that he's comfortable with and has been have been around him A long time. The work left is saying, No, we don't want that. We want the more mochi types. And so I think that's another inherent tension in the administration. But it seems like for some of the top jobs like Chief of staff and secretary of state he's picked. Biden has picked people who have been around him for a long time. So what? Why is he setting himself up to have this potential clash? Then? Who is he? Where do you think you know? In the research for your book? I don't know if you had a chance to dig into this with him. But is he aware of this similarity that you draw here? The parallel between this and the Eisenhower administration? Well, obviously, I've never discussed it with him..

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