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Welcome back listeners. Look back hosts. This is free talk live eight, five, five, four, five, zero, three, seven, three three is our toll-free telephone number if you would like to join in on the conversation and get your views heard on the air. In, the studio tonight it is myself the Lord Reverend Captain Kick Ass. In. And it's pope indigent to the. CHURCH THE INVISIBLE HAND I'm sorry that was easy to say I don't know what I was about to say about say the wrong thing. Yes. What I said was the right thing I had to think about. Our listeners may know from you know having heard me on this show talk about the phenomena known as Portmanteau this is where you take one word and another word and you combined together to make a new word that everybody immediately understands what we were talking about the etymology of nerd. Geek. Dork, we but senator those types of words and during the break nobody had asked Ian what's the etymology of etymology and I said that's Meta malady and so I like it. There is your Portmanteau for the day Meta him allergy somebody write that down because don't forget in reality it actually comes from ETA to eat in Latin and and allergy, which although we use it to me in the study of actually means hard work in Latin. So combined, you get etymology because the descript because the explanations given by etymologists are so hard to swallow. We're going to do more than just a second, but I've been studying something and that's Bitcoin and guess who helped me do that local DOT BITCOIN DOT COM. They've launched a trading platform allowing you to buy or sell bitcoin cash via dozens of payment methods like pay pal, Mo-. Bank Deposit Romances, or meeting. In person with cash. There are no idea requirements to sign up for and use the site and all communications between buyers and sellers are encrypted. Finally, a global trading platform that respect your privacy visit local dot bitcoin dot com to get started trading bitcoin cash. That's local BITCOIN DOT com, and if you find nobody on that platform, you'll be trading with me. On there still I'm on their again. Cool. Awesome. So Ian, we were talking about the Etymology of these words and you had one more for us. Yeah. Just to recap though on the definitions of Dork Nerdy Geek. Dictionary. Dot Com dork is a silly out of touch person who tends to look author behavioral around others guilty while nerd is socially awkward and Intel and an intelligent but single minded person obsessed with the non-social hobby or pursuit of guilty and Geek a digital technology expert or enthusiast, and a person who has excessive enthusiasm four and some expertise about a special subject activity. So it was me I, did it all we give you some of the background on Dork and nerd already they do say here that. The very final paragraph their explanation about nerd. They say a caveat though quick search of a database on contemporary English shows that the people who use the term nerd. These days are often retaining more of its academic focus like a math nerd language nerd meteorologist nerd chemistry nerd statistics nerd, or a bibliographic. Nerd Geek on the other hand ferulic. There's a word. No no way to language nerd th right Geek often branches out into more social sciences like movie Geek Space Geek News Iquique Guitar Geek Band. Geek suburban Lawn Geek Etcetera represent some of those remarks. Well, it's the things that you geek out on that make you geek and finally that brings us to Geek. The etymology there says it's found as early as the eighteen seventies originally mocking of a foolish or worthless person it might be variant of Geck a word for fool simpleton or do P-, recorded in the fifteen hundreds this geck in turn could come from a Germanic root meaning to Croak, which is Geek Geck Croak. We can sort of hear it. In the early nineteen hundreds, a geek was a circus performer who horrified audiences with freaky things like putting off the heads of live animals like. That's Ozzie Ozzie Osborne. Appended William Lindsay Gresham's novel nightmare alley from Nineteen forty-six about the darker side of show Biz may have helped popularize the term or the darker side considering the bizarre acts performed by circus. GEEKS. It might be no surprise that the word Geek eventually came to describe general oddballs and eccentrics how Geek became smart is debated but by the nineteen fifties and sixties, a geek was an unlikable brainiac not for long though with the computer and Tech Revolution Geek boomed in popularity with its friend nerd unlike nerd though the word Geek rooted itself more squarely on technology related fields thus because technology is so important in the digital age. So or GEEKS SAYS DICTIONARY DOT COM. Well. Now, we've basically defined swell everybody that participates in this show anyway. Our audience too. I hope so. Myself Sad Focus the. Folks who know that I'm into like the crypto currencies and stuff have approached me for advice those who aren't into it or they want to get into it and that kind of thing. And you know. How do you learn so much about the and I'm like you just got to be a heard about it. You got to be a Geek Geek out I. Know They seem to be pretty interchangeable days But. Let's go back to this bit from military dot com a write about killing. We started talking about how it was a nice break from the killing. Let's get out of their homicide Geek. Is that a thing? Do I don't think so You know your blood spattered expert. If you're a serial killer, are you just a murder Geek? Not. Sure about the murder nerd right something like that. Interesting Tony Got Tony The tiger got taken out by one of those this week. He wasn't very great weight Tony. The. Tiger the. Serial killer. Oh Snap crackle and pop was heard indeed. That was my brain short-circuiting. Speaking of characters like that. You remember when they arrested mcgruff that crime dog. No yeah that was the thing. What did he do they? How do they arrest him? It was the whoever the actor was was was playing. And put the suit on or something. This is an old story from twenty fourteen. I'm a the crime dog third jailed isn't he the guy? Take a bite out of crime? That's what I'm talking about it. the guy and the dog suit. They arrested John Morale S in two thousand eleven in Galveston Texas. After a drug sniffing dog detected pot. When he was pulled over for speeding police then found diagrams of two indoor pot growing operations and a plethora of marijuana seeds. When the police raided his house, they seized thousand marijuana plants and nine thousand rounds of ammunition for an assortment of twenty-seven weapons including a grenade launcher. Wow that'll take a bite out of crime. So mcgruff the crime dog was well armed is what you're saying and he was growing marijuana. I I have no problem with. I mean is within his rights to do all of these things he's still has not committed to cry and just as I can. You know he was I mean it worked. Stupid. Actually carry a frigging diagram of his grow up with them in the car limits that. So he was sentenced to sixteen years in prison after pleading guilty. To that criminal. Wait. So he didn't violate anybody's right now. He didn't cause harm to a person or property. And yet still was arrested district judge Vanessa Gilmore told him at sentencing quote everything. I read about you makes you seem like a scary person. Wow. She was very gruff about it and. I got the captain. Wait I don't know how that works out of. The can I use Lord Myself Somehow when I'm speaking that's seems speaking from the third person you mean the Lord does not approve none. The Lord Finds Humor to Bush League. Hysteria sway and campaign, and.

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