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Because there's something that's come up once or twice, but had won a gate wanted to talk about it a little bit more that has this right now in this moment, you know, barring the change that Peter gray wants to see it feels as if unschooled or self directed learning really advent advantages the families who can afford it. Right. I mean, we just had our caller say that, you know, her kids were able to take programming classes at cetera. Ideally. These are. This is one thing that public school is supposed to provide. It's supposed to be the great equalizer. So that these opportunities aren't only for the affluent or those who can afford it that kids at any level if they wanted to learn programming could get those things in a school setting. Sure, I think that people are responding to a very religious where you live in a society that is more segregated now. Then it was when we were like South Africa when we had basically Jim crow rules in many part of the United States. So again, we shouldn't romanticize what's going on. But at the same time, there's no doubt. I think that of what what we want to see is schools that are responsive multicultural powerfully anti-racist and also provides spacious for students to self direct. And I don't think that's going to happen by individual parents leaving schools, but we do know and Israel. Bust research on this is that social movements would parents community activists educators administrators and progressive members of the business community together push schools in particular directions. And I worry when I hear Lovie stereotypes about public schools. An an example would be something like this. These poor children who go to public schools, and then come home and watch TV for eight hours. I have very very little experience of seeing that, and I want I want to be very very cautious. We can't control the uses to which movements such as unschooled in your self directed learning or even homeschooling can be put right now, we're in a situation where there are so many attacks on anything that is called public. Individual parents. Mashes them withdraw from public schools. We can predict with about one hundred percents certainty that we will see even more problems in public schools, right? And Peter are accurately portraying just got thirty seconds to go here, and I should underscore it that at this point in time as we said earlier in the hour just as tiny fraction of people are actually doing this. But the Peter gray police have about thirty seconds. But you're less today. Yeah. So first of all, I'm just delighted to have been on the program with these other people, great ideas. This is let me just give little statistics at the end about the growth of on schooling, fifteen seconds that as a matter of fact on schooling is growing, and and homeschooling has been growing. But within home, a approximately three and a half percent of American school. Children are currently being home schooled and something like twenty percent of them are now being unschooled. So this is a large number, and it's growing well, Peter gray Maliki digs and Michael apple. Thank you all so much for joining us today. We did a lot of learning. I'm making talker party. This is on point..

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