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Barters March twentieth. Two thousand fourteen so she's trying to switch out some juice K. So she's going to get more aggressive here. No kidding. I'm sorry. We can't help there's no refunds. Juice. Give me give me reduce. Expiring. Call the company and complained to them, but we're not replacing. Good company. This is Tom already. Delighted he always delights in her in her misery. Back to my co company. Mother company company. She's at her. Juice. Give me let's call the cops. This week. She feels really betrayed you. Yes, normal. No. Men. Hate fat pig fat fat. She's such a fatty wearing a supportive bra. Very disturbing. Yeah. So I mean, Doug, what do you think about that, psychologically? I think that's more psychiatric psychological sushi is like not that's called agitation these agitated, and of course, the more sorta unhappy, I am and sort of died. I feel for some of these videos, the more, Tom Christina, experienced, delight. They I just hope they don't ever like are witnessing this kind of thing in real life because they're just sat there and laugh at people is it, I don't I don't they're not my friends. I don't know these people give me one more video. What else you got? Up next. We have a little discussion going on back and forth between Tom and Christina. Tom has one side of the argument, Christina has the other side of wanna see what you and Stevo might who who you guys might side. Hey, by the way, do they mind me taking that dog head and wearing it? Oh, they loved it. Cannot wait for that. Go ahead. He know last night. I getting ready we're winding down for evening, and then you disappeared into the bathroom. And I was like are you going to make Brown now? And you're like, no, no, I'm just gonna go read. And then of course, I put it together that you were Browning because I heard the sounds, and I I started smell the smells through the door. Oh, you didn't. And then it was so interesting because you came out and you were like, all right. Are we gonna make marital loves now? Like, and that's fine. I'm just saying it was interesting because there was no lag time. There was no respect refractory period. Stop this. There's a lot packed into that. There's a lot of their first of all Stephen as a man. Merely because you've evacuated your rectum that's nothing to do with sex or not sex. Right. I mean, you'd be you'd be conscientious and evacuate the ah. Okay. Will they get into what's called anal verge? And then it goes through so evacuated your materials, and and then it's time for sexy time is there is there have to be like a transition period. Right. Other than being careful and respectful to your partner. Right. You don't wanna expose her anything unnecessary thinking all the while. How your girlfriend is turned on by all of your factory stimulants? Your fiancee is activated by all of your sense. Would there need to be any sort of transition going from Brown to sexy? We. Mix them together. There's no there's no like that. I personally after a good poop sometimes in the no matter how much wiping I'll wanna just take a shower. It's to give a little rent. Okay. So so at a respect your partner. Sure. Okay. Right. So it's really just about being clean. Right. Just about being cleaned lingering smells. We fortunately have two floors to our house. So we intend to hide out the ducks apart visiting my my..

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