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The greater grace temple for officer dawes who was shot last week and died on sunday to detroit police officers are recovering they've got into a crash on the east side they were out doing a traffic stop when a pickup truck smashed into their car the officers suffered minor injuries the driver stopped and cooperated the detroit fire department is mourning the loss of one of their own a tired firefighter who has died after he was hit by a drunk driver in southfield last month tony castellon had retired from detroit fire because of a disability he was heading home on northwestern highway in southfield december twenty seven when he was hit by a drunk driver police have closed down a gofundme page that raised more than thirty thousand dollars for candace sprang a brighton she had been telling people that she had late stage breast cancer but she didn't it was a phony charges are pending the house intelligence committee has voted along party lines to publicly release the classified memo that republicans say shows surveillance abuses at the us justice department democrats are very upset about this here's reporter jessica schneider they're saying that the president and the republicans they're using this memo overall niche try to cast some doubt on the russia investigation we have learned that it is possible than the president goes over this five day review when talking with the national security community it is possible that instead of releasing the whole memo he could choose to release it and heavily new redacted form that's at least one option here us whole bronzes but rising and they rose sharply in november of there's a shortage of homes on the market and the standard and poor's case sure home price index increased a whopping six percent in november from a year earlier after climbing six percent in october so that's a twelve to thirteen percent national rise in the price of the average price of homes in the us in just two months super bowl ads are beginning to roll out a head of the.

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