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Dallas food was voided. Douse their offense. Just hasn't been as good as it was last like. I believe there are number one last year. And i think they're like number fifteen or something this year and i looked at their standings. I thought they were a lot better team from the bottom and dallas are not very good. So it's a little makes me a little nervous but that's gonna change you know why because the. The hawks traded luca dot j. fox. He's point also the same game parlay insurance twenty five dollars back on any Parleys for more. Every i will jump on this with kevin here to score and fifteen points with john collins. Twenty points luca. Trae both thirty points. Porzingis god twenty five point twenty five dollars to win to grant. Hey even if it loses you get your money back the fuck you say that one more time so every to get in on that absolutely kevin heared or to score fifteen points number three on the hawks john collins big man to score twenty points do and hitting threes this year. Plus luka doncic thirty thirty points trae young. Thirty points In chris tops. Pausing god twenty five points and that is twenty five to win two thousand thirty dollars and forty nine cents. Welcome for the one that good opt in on the same game. Nba voice See of nick. If nick was coming here and give any any hockey for tonight lot of picks for to do college. There's like thirty five college basketball game suing. I have dabbled into college saturday yet. With the hundred and twenty four games. How it's excited to do it. It's quite the wormhole knicks coming in for his Nikki skates has his hockey. Pecs for tonight with the lineup. look like tonight relate. Look we just two games. The bruins at the rangers. The bruins now. They're heavy moneyline favorites at minus one. Seventy three so. What i'm gonna do is if you know the fendell app you click on more wagers will see the sixty minute line which is a bet for the teams to win in regulation. I'm gonna go with the bruins at mar. This one fifteen there. I think that winning regulation. I'm not gonna mess with the over the over and under because it's gone under in the rangers last seven games but the last six of seven that the bruins majors of played. It's gone over this Sixty five percent of the tickets are on the over ninety one percent of the money that was on the under i. I'm just. I'm all over the place. Where the ninety five percent of the money is on. They bruins money moneyline. Yeah so. I'm all over the bruins money line. You can take it at one seventy three or wants to be six. Sorry and if you do the sixty minute line for them the winning regulation. It's my one fifteen much better odds and then for the other game I'm going to go. Which is montreal and toronto in montreal. I'm gonna take montreal. Money line launch. My line is minus one. Oh five the abbey tulse yeah carey price. He got lit up last night. He played him. I think play much better game though the leaves or hot they've been scoring to. I like to. You're taking both games that are on tonight. Have to take more. Do you take any puck. no i don't i don't dabble much in the nhl calls. Basketball's it for me. Kelly divest. I've been sold college basketball. Footy i'll dive in the nba. Probably at some point. But i just..

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