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But he's going to be a part of that. And he has other projects to talk about. So Roy Wood Jr is going to join us on the line. Next. Here on the Mo Kelly show. Okay, if I am 6 40. We're live everywhere on the I heart radio app Danny Max with the news. Escaped murderer from Ohio is being sought in L. A. Lester Eubanks was convicted of murdering a 14 year old girl in 1966. He was sentenced to death. But in 1972. His sentence was commuted to life in prison. He was allowed to accompany other inmates on a Christmas shopping trip in December 1973 but fled custody and has been a fugitive ever since. U. S marshals say he might have lived in Gardena, South L. A Long Beach and North Hollywood at various times photos of you. Banks can be found at U. S marshals thought Gove slash investigations Bill Seward K. F. I knew cops in Costa Mesa Air, trying to find two guys who robbed shoppers at the South Coast Plaza. The robbers took wallets and watches while pointing a gun at the shoppers around two yesterday afternoon. I'd say the robberies happened in the mall's parking lot of shoppers were getting ready to leave. Crews are continuing to clean up the mess in Alabama from last week's tornadoes, 100 plus mile per hour winds, destroyed homes and killed some people. At least 10 tornadoes had Alabama across several counties. Travel is expected to increase this summer is the pandemic. It's better and more Americans get vaccinated. ABC is Elizabeth Schultz says Gas prices are also going up this time of year, just in time for the busy travel season. Any Americans recently got a boost to their income. Thanks to those $1400 stimulus checks. Some economists think that money could be spent toward travel. There is a risk that prices could go up too much, and that would inhibit some road trippers. You know, some states They're already seeing gas at $3 a gallon $4 gas. It's not completely out of the question. In California, some residents will be getting another $600 stimulus in April way have.

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