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I know so many beautiful things about our culture and we got our own shit to. We're left to deal with it in our own community without outside influences, judging it, but we got our own ship that we have to deal with, but on top of that. We have to fight on the outside. No. When we were when we were brought here, we were stripped of our dignity. I don't know I don't know. You. Know I know that my roots are Cameroonian in Ghanaian, but I don't know what tribe I was from I. Don't know what my my family there. I don't know traditions I. Don't know our our link, my original language. Can you imagine being put on a boat for months? You're laying in other. People's throw up and feces and dead bodies laying on a boat. You get to a country. And you're just you don't speak the language and you're being yelled and screamed at to work to built. And you have no clue what is going on. All you know is when you don't do what they tell you to do. They beat you. Learn to do what they tell you to do. And to be quiet and that has been going through our culture. We have learned in our culture. Do what they tell you to do. Policing was was founded in slate catching. To protect white neighborhoods in their property, which was the catch the slaves and bring them back. You know these are all things that people. Can just go google in research and understand. There's never been a moment in history. where a president has stood up and said. We need to reconcile what was done. To the two black people. Australia, did it? For the aboriginals. That are there but our country has it and so having the understanding that you will always as a white person or white passing person benefit. From sister racism from racism from from white supremacy, you benefit from an. Not involved you benefit from it. And until you are actively trying to not benefit from it to push against it to speak up for your Black Black Brown brothers and sisters people of Color that that suffer from at the hands of police. It's it's just not going to get better and I do understand you know Comfort the comfort in knowing I'm going have to purposely put myself in an uncomfortable position. To. For for progress to happen. I'm going to have to be okay with everybody telling a a racist joke in this environment, which is a micro aggression in my black friends there and they don't feel like they have their own agency to speak up. You ever cry a lot, but. That's how cry bet with bear. With a licensed professional. I have to be honest on this show. We obviously talk a lot about therapy. We talk a lot about edifying yourself. We talk a lot about taking care of yourself. Your feelings resentments. Your fears at the and I realized that not has time to drive to a therapist. Not Everyone I mean. They're so expensive. The reason I love better help so much because you get to do it in your own home on your computer, you can log into your account anytime. Send a message to your counselor. I've said this before my big problem with going. Going to therapy is by the time I. Get there already pissed off I'm stressed. Out Takes Forty five minutes to drive there in there for an hour. It takes three hours door. Now have an anger management that I didn't have before I went to a therapist more money, but yes, it's great. Because better help.

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