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Way. All have the power to do something to stand up to cancer. Stand up to fight. Stand up to win visit. Stand up to cancer, Adult or toe Learn more. Well. Temperatures lower a couple of degrees Wednesday. Heat warnings are still in place, and we'll get more mountain and high desert thunderstorms. It's also still really warm tonight and tomorrow morning we start today in the seventies Anaheim climbs to 96 degrees Woodland Hills 106 San Bernadino 107 degrees Anthony Honest NBC For Right now it's 79 Anaheim, 73 in Laguna Beach, 81 in Burbank and 70 70. West Hollywood. We lead local live from the cage Fight. 24 hour news room. I'm Gina grad. Great. I think dog with you all right, let's get into this. The heat is affecting everybody. It's making people crazy like myself and Newsome Governor Newsome declared emergency state emergency for California. The wildfires and the extreme heat. Let's find out exactly what he said here then go on with this guy Governor Newsome Day wide Flex alert is in effect, once again, with the oddest temperatures of the week expected today could see more rolling blackouts. And then Empire Bureau chief Rob Mick. Melanie is live in Riverside. Rob, We're hearing is near 100 in some places. What about you? Well, over 90 degrees already here in Riverside. We're here at a cooling center where there was a lady weeding out front. As soon as these doors opened up at 11 A.m. ine, she went But as you mentioned the concern, also, even if you do have airconditioning.

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