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You know p rose was the one and everyone says but i heard p rose one time talk about pitching in he said pitching is what's gonna win it's going to get you there in october it's going to it's going to cause you you know if you've got pitching you you know you've got a good shot but again we've seen a lot of a lot of runs a lot of a lot of scores this year so i'm inclined uh if it's like i said if it's eight i'm going over if you can find eight and you can't find aid the arizona dodgers game you're talking you know you can find eight so in that game i'd go over and i watched the game and i'd enjoy it that's that's what i would you know that's what i would do so that's our so we'll see by next week we will be in a different situation with regard to baseball and we'll be tough stuck in further about that during october um okay so we talked a little bit about baseball pam we had some pam for everyone that knows pam uh and and for those that don't you can follow her on twitter sporty diva she is the cohost of sports infusion with thomas murphy that has been pam so for a while she does a great job over there and talks a lot during football season even baseball season about fantasy football pam this week we had some uh injuries that are probably going to impact some lineups in quarterbacks are you know you're going to be without derrick car what are your thoughts for our there anything is there anything advice for our listeners as far as fantasy football this weekend anything you're doing in your teams or i know we're in smacked talks liza i don't even know how we're doing but what it what would you like to share about fantasy sports this uh leak right now you've got tomorrow's of people that are putting their lineup thin anything that they should pay attention too it's been early weird every flannigan fever could be strange where it for an injury but there dirk think that they are who of running back a lot of players have taken root pretty injury bug um i did have a problem with barrick car being entered but luckily.

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