President Trump, Bill, ABC discussed on Sean Hannity


I'm Scott Goldberg, the silent Knight could be a long one in Washington with President Trump said not long ago. Nobody's making any noise is about ending the partial government shutdown nothing. New nothing new. That exchange with reporters right before he and the first lady started taking calls from kids asking for help tracking Santa Claus using NORAD. The president's chief of staff said this weekend that shutdown very likely could stretch into the new year when Democrats gain the majority on January third day will vote on a Bill to reopen the government, but it won't include funding for the wall. And then they'll pressure Senate Republicans to do the same, but the president can still veto that Bill and the government can remain shutdown. ABC's Tara Palmeri at the White House earlier in the day. It's President Trump was tweeting. He attacked the Federal Reserve saying it is the only problem the economy has investors didn't like that. And stocks plunged, again, the Dow fell six hundred fifty three points or nearly three percents. What we're seeing is the markets respond to increasing uncertainty out there, and when they feel uncertain there's a hesitancy forward and actually moved backward should've Connor hall, and you know, hide today's drop was the worst ever on Christmas Eve confusing tweet about the strength of US banks from Treasury Secretary. Steve Mnuchin didn't help the death toll in Indonesia is at least three hundred seventy three after Friday's to NAMI ABC's in panel. Is there we've seen some residents coming back into the area, but are being struck by however in abandoned, the Lord of these coastal villages are and that's because the government is warning people not to come home. Just yet do not try to recover your possessions. And that's because they know that the volcano still active, which means that could be another landslide. And it could be another Sonam at any point more than fourteen hundred people are missing pope Francis says his followers should reject greed and materialism. During as midnight mass at the Vatican on this Christmas Eve, you're listening to ABC news with the stock market at all time. Highs cash in your prophets now invest in an asset that can potentially pay for up to twenty or more years. That's.

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