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And so I think it's important to have that continuity and that relationship with the GM now how much stay I think that's where it needs to come into question. I think it is. Okay for him to be in the interviews and ask questions, because I mean, he's going to be working very closely with this person in attaining players and making decisions. But when it comes down to you know when they're making the decision, say between Champ Kelly or George Payton, you know, I'm not so sure that vics word should should. Really count for whole lot. That's not saying that Vic isn't smart and shouldn't know. You know, be the person that makes that type of decision, But I think that for You know somebody like John Elway and Joe Ellis, who have been around the franchise for so long and know the direction that they want to go in and the franchise. It's important for them to make that decision, especially for a guy like Vic Fangio, who really next year could be his last season if they don't make the playoffs. You know, I think he's going to be on the out. And so you don't want to pick somebody that may not even be here after you're one of the G M, you know, first season, so I think it's okay for him to be in those interviews he needs Theo. Build. That relationship started off strong, but for him to make a final decision. I'm not so sure that that should happen. George Story of Broncos beat writer for the Gazette joining me here on drive time sports, So we talked a little bit about how I think you and I are of the same mind that John Elway is going to have at least an opinion on the future of Drew lock. If not, you know, be able to secure Drew ox future whether he even wants to do that. We don't totally know. That question, But the answer to that question, But I'm curious. Do you think that a new set of eyes on Drew lock is a good thing for Drew lock or a bad thing for Drew luck. Watching in the grand scream scheme of things in his career. I think it's a good thing I think you want to have, you know, multiple opinions and multiple voices, You know that that are telling you. Hey, I think you could work on this. That maybe you know John wasn't seeing or maybe Vic wasn't seeing whoever it may be. You know, I think that that That's good for your career. Now for his time in Denver, it may not be a good thing because somebody may come in here and let's say a champ Kelly or George Payton or Brian. Start with somebody Come in here and say, Hey, you know what? I don't think you're very good. Or I think you need to do this better. And if you don't, we're gonna We're gonna move on from you next year. Ondo. So in that sense of time in Denver may not be, um You know, benefited by a new GM, But I do think his career in the long term will be because it's just another perspective of somebody that could tell you. Hey, I think you need to work on this that maybe John can't see because you know he drafted him until he wants you to succeed so badly that he misses some of the things that maybe he's not as good at, or Vicky wants him to be good because he wants him to keep his job. You know, I think that it's never a bad thing to have more opinions in there. But a Zafar I mean, you could hire somebody tomorrow and they come in to say, I don't think you are the future and what Joe Allison Joe John Elway said is true that they're gonna have full reign. Then maybe dropped it in the starting quarterback next year for the Broncos. You know, maybe they draft a guy you know this April, or maybe they go after to Shawn Watson or Matt Stafford or something like that. So in that that's a short term. Yeah, it could be problematic for Drew. But I think in the long term and a benefit in Kansas Maybe it'll open his eyes to some of the things that he's not doing well. You know, we're just getting going Really evaluating? Especially when you talk about somebody like Trey lands. It's like we got to go back and we gotta find things entree lands and watch film and stuff like that. Some of these other guys, obviously we've gotten to see, Uh Albeit for a short season, But we've been able to see them regularly this year. From what you've seen understanding that you like everybody else will. Be doing more research and formulate more opinions as we get closer to the draft, But just right now, on January 7th how many quarterbacks in this draft would you take over Drew lock? And that's tough. Um Definitely too. I would if I could get my hands on Trevor Laurence or Justin Field. I think I do it. I think Zack Wilson is right there with him. Maybe, uh, you know, he's a guy that I think is really talented and has a shot to be really good in this league, so I would maybe put him in that category, too. Don't think I take freelance because I haven't seen him as much. Um, you know, I think that he's going to be a good quarterback. I just You know, I don't know. You know, he only played one game this last season, so it's hard to say. On Ben. I think the other one that you would even throw into any of these categories is Mack Jones on DATs, a guy that I've been saying Now, if he doesn't work his way into the first around, which you very well could I mean if Alabama goes out Implies a great national championship game and goes down test well in the combine and those sorts of things. He could very well be a person on quarterback, and he may already be one but I think he's a guy. If you can get him in the second round, you take a chance on him because I think he's a guy that can come in and compete with Ju lock from Day one. Now that's not to say that you'll be better than to lock. I think he's a He's a big product right now of all the weapons that he has around him. On. Do you know some of the lack of the defense that he played in the SEC right now on, But I know some people be mad at me for saying that, but that's the truth. But, you know, I think that he's a guy that you could look at even train lands of freelance for for some reason what to take. Um, you know, a drop into the second round. I think you might take a risk on one of those guys and bring him in because I think right now, if you can't go out and get him out, Stafford into Sean watching or you can't draft Trevor warrant. Or just infield. Then you have to stick with your lock because he is getting better. I mean, I wrote about it today. His last six games improve dramatically over the last few games of the season, and and he's taking the steps. But you know Trevor Laurence Sean watching Justin Fields maps after those guys there are generational type talent on def You could get your hands on one of them. Then I think you take the risk. But the other guys, I think you know if you can get him in a later around that maybe you take a chance, even a child Trask if you could get him in a third or fourth round Out of Florida. I think you may you may take the risk there. So, um, Wiley would never do this. But let's play the hypothetical game. Why, Matt Wylie says George, I want you for this weekend and however long a certain team last in the playoffs. You're going to go cover them for the Gazette. Which playoff team would you want to go cover?.

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