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Three until six in the afternoon. Which means I'm on At the exact same time as my friend, Rocky Boy Woman who chances are you know hosts the afternoon show on this radio station. Along with Eddie Fingers. Rocky had the day off the other day and yet still join me to talk about something that he and I are on opposite sides off Zach Taylor. The Bengal started mini camp this week on Tuesday and after day one, he said. Yep. Mini camps over vacation starts, and this was basically a transaction. Because he wanted full attendance at O. T s. Those quotas are not mandatory. He wanted his players to get to the 85% vaccination threshold, which, if you do that, suddenly There are no inhibitions there. There are no restrictions. Guys can come and go in the weight room. As many as can fit in. Teams can meet in person. They don't have to do everything virtually And so Zach Taylor has all this. He gets to do all this. Plus, he got something this spring that not every team got full attendance at O T A s. Everybody came. Everybody came. That is a great sign for the Bangles. It's a great sign if you're trying to figure out, you know, is this team going to buy into whatever it is? Zach Taylor is selling. In exchange for doing all that Zach Taylor did what a lot of bosses do, right. I used to do it. When I'm supervised people. You do this. I'll do that in return. Happens here happens in a lot of work places. All right. Can we get Can we get full of 10 Tenants at OT is, Can we get our work done? We get better over these 10 practices. Can we ensure that when training camp starts, we don't have to worry about meeting via zoom or anything like that. And if the answers are yes, we'll cut loose two days early. We'll start our vacation two days early. I loved it. Going to a degree to the fact that my work ethic is shaky. My guy. Rocky did not like it. We discussed it. You can hear the debate. On ESPN, 15 30 dot com's podcast page. Look, this is a huge season for the Bangles. It's a huge, huge season for Zach Taylor. Um, the fact that he got everybody on board everyone came to O T A s. It goes to show. I think to a degree they have the guys he's looking for, and they are buying in. You are Welcome to agree with either me or Rocky had 513749 7000 or 1 800 The big one, Um, reds and Padres again tonight I am. I think this is fascinating. I'm not even saying that the Reds are handling this wrong, but I think there's this dynamic to me is is really interesting. Tyler Naquan Has emerged as this team's third best or third most productive outfielder. Said. Some big hits hits home runs, He's you know, and I don't really use RBS as the best measurement tool to determine whether or not a guy's ineffective hitter, but he's driven in more runs than anybody on this team. That includes Jesse Winker that includes Nick Cassidy on us. He's played it pretty good center field. He has a higher O. P s than anybody on the team who is not named Castano's or Winker. He deserves a shot to play almost every single day. He is in the starting lineup tonight. He is also as you probably know, Left handed hitter, which effectively squeezes Shoko Akiyama out of the starting lineup, and you can't blame David Belliard. David Bell is doing what I think most of us want our managers to do. This guy is outperforming this other dude, even though this other dude is making a hell of a lot more money, And so we're playing this other guy either For the time being, or perhaps it's a permanent move as long as the guy can sustain. His production. But still Two things about Chicago, the first of which is at the end of the year last year when the Reds turned it on those final three weeks offensively. What ignited? That was the fact that showgirl Akiyama started to get on base at an unbelievably high clip. It was from September the eighth until the end of the year. Sugar Akiyama got on base 46% of the time. So there is that There's also the fact that, um the Reds are paying him seven million bucks this year. He signed a three year $21 million contract. Now I'm all in favor of playing the best guys, regardless of how much money they're making. Regardless of how many years they played in the big leagues, regardless of what they've done in the past, play the best guys and One thing I like about David Bell is the willingness to just play the best guys this season. Tyler Nay Quinn has been better. Then Shoko Akiyama at the same time. It is kind of remarkable to me. That our franchise that made a lot of decisions this offseason based on well the payroll based on the bottom line financially. Has a guy who was making the kind of money that Shoko Akiyama is making. And he barely plays. Shoko Akiyama hasn't started a game. In the month of June. I'm sorry. He hasn't started and finished a game in the month of June. He has started exactly one game in June. That was a game he came out in the fifth inning game, The Reds lost the Brewers 5 to 1. When Tyler Nay Quinn doesn't play Scott Heinemann does Now again. This isn't that anybody is getting it wrong. They may have every reason in the world to not play show go. He does not hit the ball that hard. We have seen him at times struggle against lefties. At the same time, he does have The fastest first We're home to first time on the entire team. He is a good defender. And he was the guy last year that ignited this run at the top of the batting order that took the Reds to the post season for the first time since 2013. And he is also making Seven million bucks this year. To essentially be 1/5 outfielder. What I think would be fascinating, and we're never going to get the answer to these questions. First of all the the guy who went and God Shoko Akiyama stick. Williams is no longer In a decision making capacity in the organization. When the Reds got show go, Dick Williams was getting Nick Castellanos. Mike Moustakas and we, Meiling. They spent all this money on guys from the outside. And there was this quest to go bring Shoko Akiyama to Cincinnati and Dick Williams completed it as the president of baseball operations, But he's no longer the president of baseball operations. I think it would be interesting. To, uh, to gauge how much show go would be playing if Dick Williams was still in charge. I think it would also be really interesting. To get Nick crawl to speak truthfully and for to get David Bell to speak truthfully about whether or not they were on board, with the Reds getting Shoko Akiyama in the first place. I'm sure publicly, they'll say all the right things. But as Marvin Lewis might say, I see better than I hear Show Go never plays. Another team is playing really well. The loss last night notwithstanding, the team is playing really well. And you know, it's not like they have missed his production in very limited playing time in the month of June. He's hit, okay, but he's not a an experience Big leaguer with a huge track record of success, and so it's very much up in the air. Whether or not if you did play the guy. The results would be all that good. I'm not even sure I have a question for you about this. But isn't it interesting that when they got show go, there was this acknowledgement It's going to take him a while to get up to speed playing Big League ball in the United States. It's going to take some time. There's going to be an adjustment period. Granted..

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