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President Obama, Harlem Children, Harlem discussed on The Al Franken Podcast


Results have been astounding ninety seven percent high school Eduation that's the rate ninety percent go to college now President Obama was a huge fan of the the Harlem Children's zone and he and Education Secretary Arne Duncan created promise neighborhoods which would replicate the MOM all the candidates developed in Harlem I was a big supporter of the promise neighborhood program and I fought in the Senate on the help committee in Health Education Labor and Pensions Education Committee and was able to get funding for the north side achievement zone he you're in Minneapolis and the north side in a very poor primarily African American neighborhood here in Minneapolis we have very very wide disparities here in the twin cities a lot of people don't know that after two thousand ten Congress I did not vote for the level funding that Obama had asked for and by the way if you if you care about deficits elected Democratic president because if we have a republican president Republicans in Congress suddenly don't care about deficits but when we have a democratic President every new program.

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