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The gondola. Anyways. Hang out with my friends. I think that's reasonable once a year come on up there. So Eric's comes in and says, I want three hundred million dollars said thirty million. Okay. Sorry you here on thirty. Now. The reason why I say that my case because I've been duped and had before you see when I was a little boy I was on the carousel ride out in El Centro at the imperial valley. Mid winter fair and fiesta, and I was about six years old, and I was crawling up onto the carousel little horse. Started got like still anger. This isn't a sad story brain damage here by angry stories Dell avenue years ago, many years ago. Okay. So what happens so they start? Let me let me MAs pretend like I really care. What happen Eric? Well, they start the ri-. And as you know, these ponies and different seals and whatnot addressed to the polls or on a little platform. And when they started the ride little Eric went. And smashed his head right on that little. Steel platform that comes up explains, and they give big, Al. A couple of tickets. Proceeds straight.

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