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Saddam has what are you obsessed with this week Can you believe I'm obsessed with like a fictional character. Her like a person who doesn't exist and I'm obsessed with that person. I can believe that. Ok say his name is Roman Roy. He's the fourth sibling on succession to hit H. B. O.. Ah hearing everyone talking about the show. I have no idea so so succession is about this billionaire family based in New York they own media operation like theme parks. It's like it's a ridiculous life. There's a patriarch Logan. WHO's almost like a shakespearian king character? Okay he has four children adrenaline all kind of inept in their own way and they all want to succeed to Logan. This is like game of thrones but also also reality show and also six Pierre Okay. It's so basically all the kids want to be the main inheritor of the wire takeover over trying to destroy each other as well the sibling to get there a little bit. Also they have to have alliances and work together but is it about Roman. The Roman is he's he's the baby and in the Roy Dynasty he's played by Karen Culkin back. Yeah so I'm obsessed with it because AH whenever a Roman is an corporate setting. He just says what he wants to say. and to me that's power franken morning No correction it is not a good morning learning from my Pov. Because you're here and fucking hate you and why why do you like. Why do you fight hunger appeal because you're a brat to kind of a Brat and I think it's so hey the conformity of how we're supposed to behave? I know when I'm expected to behave in a certain way and I do it. I'm always a little disappointed at myself. And that's why I'm kind of inspired by Roman. I wish it was more like him and I can't wait for three to nowhere. I just think it's so funny right now that there's so many shows that a lot of us are watching about lake the extremely wealthy and somehow relating like hi. I'm watching the crown somehow leading. I mean I've always loved a queen. It's like starting from snow. Way The evil queen like just always ready for you. You'll majesty two long jubilee. Day Is Grueling Queen's coronation twenty five take the crown is just. I don't know I think it's so well written and directed the lighting is always dark. And there's just something very dramatic matic but elevated about it. I think you know but it is. It's because they think maybe sometimes my own world feels so chaotic. And I feel so like not in control of circumstances in life role you on Buckingham Palace. Yeah everything is like. It's all protocol a strict procedure for everything and like from the first season. It's all about like the crown as a burden you know because this enormous responsibility and I'm like you know what I could handle the birth wake. Please give me that. Elizabeth I would be Margaret for sure. I Margaret is great. But my like not. I wouldn't say my favorite character but there is a character who has come to prominence in the third season. He's Lord Mountbatten. He's the head of the navy. Yeah exactly and he's played by this actor named Charles Dance. Okay he's like seventy five years old. Seventy five okay and I really want to have sex. You know why it's that character especially in the in the third season so he's been discharged and his little sense of identity is about his accomplishments and like being the leader and now he is like nothing to lead or govern overtake. That is one of the best sex would happen. Our how our it would be like. I'm just like take whatever you need from me. If you've been watching succession or the crown we really WanNa know what you love about these shows. Yeah it tells you your favorite characters Azzaro messages in the group and if you're not watching them get on board with the mainstream okay the Queen Your support chosen family is produced by me. Trente winter and me. Thomas Leblanc with Chris will do hayme crystal also edits and mixes the show our talent producer on this episode bliss. Catherine Stockhausen big. Thanks to Evan Kelly. If you haven't already make sure to join our facebook group just on their search chosen family you'll find it please. Breath joined the group. We're always trying to post cute things for you. Judy Z Goo is our digital producer. Tanya Springer is the senior producer of CBC PODCASTS and Arve Noorani. Ronnie is the executive producer. Chosen Families Music is by the lost boys. CHOSEN FAMILY IS A. CBC podcast originally developed in association with Five Studio and listened to chosen family. Wherever you get your podcasts.

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