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Is sort of pointing them and telling them where to smile. And usually there's a little bit of jolliness, isn't there, usually the runner up has to just smile through gritted teeth and just do a bit of perceived bands and there was nothing. Not even eye contact. It was cold. It was really cold. I did notice that sabalenka sort of motion as if to playfully smash her trophy into the Porsche. That was iconic. David, that was absolutely iconic. And did it while she on text back was turned as well. I mean, I'm sure she's seen it. On social media, but at the time, shonte would have had no idea that sabalenka was sort of mock vandalizing her. Her new Porsche, which fintechs that sort of drove at some haste around the court with a lot of small children on it. It was quite fast, wasn't it? There was a sort of unexplained man in the passenger seat. And I thought if he's a chaperone, he was it? I heard her dad was present, and she was going to give it to a damn. We should have been telling her to put the brakes on. It was careering around that court, wasn't she? A very slippy clay court. I don't know. It made my heart was in my mouth a little bit. Just on the sort of the frostiness out on the court between the two, if that's indeed what it was. And I think there was, you know, look, you're right, it wasn't all jolly and cuddly. My first reaction is good. I like to see that because I want them to I want them to really want to win and not be afraid to show it. And they're two players that expect to win when they're in big matches, and I love that about them. They're both bring it. And I think sabalenka was really pissed off not to win. And she showed it. The other element that has to be considered is whether this was war related in terms of ignorant texts, very vocal, very visible and continuous support of Ukraine by wearing the flag on her hat and by continually referencing Ukraine in her speeches and obviously sabalenka from Belarus, a player who was banned from Wimbledon last year as all the Russian and Belarusian players were, who knows whether she feels put out by schwarze effectively calling for those players to be banned or at least supporting that as a measure. Maybe not in so many specific words, but I mean, I think that that is definitely the suggestion. And who knows? I don't have evidence of that, but I mean, that could be part of it from both sides. But generally speaking, I think we are overdue a rivalry in which two players don't exactly hammer up as friends and just prepare to just come and be competitors against each other. Yep, I'm absolutely fine with it as well. I just think it's notable because of the people involved. You don't, you don't usually see that from them. But yeah, I've got absolutely no problem with it. At all. Over in Barcelona, the 500 event there was one by Carlos Ankara as he beats Stefano 6 by 6 three 6 four in the final just before we talk about that match and the tournament. We've got a fairly good comparison point here to Stuttgart and Barcelona, both 500 level events, same ranking points on offer, similar depth of fields in terms of top players, very, very similar winners in terms of statues, status, star power, here are the respective prize money checks that alcaraz and shonte took home for alcaraz. It was 477 thousand Euros, and tech, it was a 104 €1000. The crowds were packed for both tournaments. I couldn't see a spare seat in the House for Stuttgart and as I say, that is that is pretty much always the case there. And for anybody saying, oh, but shonte won a car. Yeah, and if this were an anomalous prize money disparity, then maybe the car would be an explanation, but this is not in any way an anomalous prize money disparity. I mean, there are bigger disparities between equal sized events even in the same location on the tour. What was the prize money, David, for the ATP two 50 in Doha relative to the WTA 500 in Doha earlier this year? It was 209,000 to Daniel Medvedev for winning ATP Doha two 50 and tech one less than a third of that for winning the 500 event, 68,000 dollars. So same place, different week. There's a lot of people point out, different tours. But that is a staggering difference in prize money. Is staggering and it's just unacceptable. It's just unacceptable. I know there are a million reasons this isn't recriminations on the WTA for that being the case. I know they would desperately love to pay equal prize money and would do it in a heartbeat and they're not in a position to and a lot of people would say, you know, this is why they've had to make the decision to go back to China if they ever want to be able to be up in their prize money game. They have to prioritize that ahead of ethics. Whatever whatever whatever, there is all sorts of what a boundary you can have, but the bottom line is nobody should be considering this acceptable the men should not be considering this acceptable. I want to hear some men saying noticing this and going, wow, this doesn't feel right. It's just not right. So we don't need recriminations about it. I know it's a complicated landscape. We just need to all agree, this isn't right. What can we do to work towards a world where we have equal prize money? Rather than, oh, but market forces and oh, but, you know, you win a car and oh, but you know, it's different tours and the WTA's a mess and all of that. Fine. Any of those things might be true. But we can't be having this. And we need to be shouting that from the rooftops and just all agreeing that we need to work towards a solution and that includes the men. Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal both want combined tours, don't they? They want them to merge as they told us in on Twitter about two or three years ago. And loads and loads of people agree with that, all the men agreed with it at the time. And yeah, I mean, it is quite shocking. When you put it out on Twitter, you just which I do, and I do it every time one of these events happens and the degree of sexist abuse that I get is staggering real at the amount of people who just say, how hard is it for you to understand that these are two separate tours bringing in eczema of different amount of money each and therefore they can't pay the same. The point is, as you've said, isn't it a good idea? If they, if they are paid the same, wouldn't that be good? Wouldn't that be like the dream, the goal? The ideal and to have combined tours that celebrated both and worked together, and as we've seen, we got Madrid coming up now, combined tournament, paying the same prize money. It's an elevated event. Everybody's going to be there. Yes, it feels a bit too long. We'll go on it that later. But even so, men and women are playing together in Andrea gardin said the chief of the ATP has said that is when tennis is at its best. It's unique selling position is its men and women playing the same sport and it's the best women's sport in the world at the moment. And if it wants to keep its position, then we all need to cherish the fact that we are in that position, I think. Yeah, look, if your reaction to and I doubt this is the case for many people listening to this podcast because we know our listeners and we know how cool you all are. But if your reaction to seeing that prize money disparities to try and defend it rather than to think, oh, well, how can we try and change that then again, Daniel Medvedev Daniel meva voice have a look at yourself in the mirror and we need to work on if I'm going to use his lines so often. I really need to work on my Daniel Medvedev voice. Anyway, rant over as David's alluded to, there might be another rant to come later. A little teaser for you there. But first, Carlos alcaraz, winning Barcelona, his first time defending a title. Because he is, after all, still a teenager, and he's still doing things for the first time. And it was, it

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