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Law giving free housing to church clergy this federal trial court ruling is unlikely be the last word look for the trump administration to see this is the newest toronto in an ongoing culture war with an appeal likely that could make its way to the us supreme court and it's abc news legal analyst royal oakes latenight talk show host took their shots last night at disgraced hollywood executive harvey weinstein harvey weinstein was fired by his company 'safer being accused of sexual harassment not good they said if he keeps up your wind up with his own show on fox news that of course is jimmy fallon this is jimmy kimmel what's the difference between harvey weinstein and the pillsbury dole boy when the tolls very doboy offers a role he doesn't ask you to watch them take a shower for harvey weinstein has been fired from his company after numerous complaints of sexual harassment sexual a calculations fashion designer donna karen is apologizing after praising him karen told daily mail reporters on a red carpet in los angeles on sunday that harvey weinstein is done some amazing things she says she's good friends with he and his wife he also says that maybe some women are asking for trouble by the way they dress and presenting themselves the way they do she says her statements were taken out of context and adds that she is truly sorry to anyone she's offended this is abc news my name is jim mcgovern lost both legs in vietnam my victory was proving a disability is not a limitation june's humbled virtually mobbed victory is going from homeless tall at dav we're on a mission helping veterans of all generations get the benefits they've earned i'm cici my victory was finishing my education when america's veterans win we all win help us support more victories for veterans go to dav dot work i'm sherry preston abc news.

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