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To give up there seat to do it so if you look at how many senators how many governors actually run for president when they're up for reelection senator or governor it doesn't happen all that much now of course those who have done it in recent years there are they are in states which have what used to be known as lyndon johnson law that is to say a law which allows you to run for two offices simultaneously lyndon johnson in nineteen sixty ran for vice president and he also ran for reelection to his senate seat won both seats and promptly resigned from the senate now i don't recall maryland having such a law so i assume this is the role of the dice and other words either become the next president or you will be out of elective office i think you're right about that and i think it's important in life to kind of own your goals own your intuition and i think i'm the right person for the job i think i've got the right vision for the country and i'm serious about doing this i'm not playing catandmouse game i'm not going to iowa new hampshire and showing up at vance but not telling people what i'm doing i'm you know i've always been better in my life when i've been honest and open with people and tell them exactly what my intentions are and that's what i'm doing here and part of that is also to look at my constituents and tell them that it's really not fair to them for me to be running for president full time in twenty nineteen which is what people are basically going to have to do and represent them in the congress of the united states and so i really tried to take a high road with respect to this whole process and do it the way i think people should do which is to be honest with people that given the current tendencies in the democratic party and a lot of people who were bernie backers who felt very burned and betrayed by the democratic party establishment the democratic party gives every sign of lurching considerably to the left and.

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