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The inland areas 100 in the inland and empire as well as in the desert. Seventy's along the coast and then it's going to be a tease in the downtown areas Overnight, low sixties and seventies with a marine layer that will be rolling in later tonight and overnight. Long beach 67 degrees at this hour Van I still checking in at 76 in Chatsworth, 78 degrees. It's 907 that Apple fire continuing to burn and cherry valiant into the San Bernardino National Forest. Fire officials have not been able to update the acreage. But they say it has grown significantly, especially in the northern and Eastern flanks of the fire currently stands at more than 20,500 acres and is just 5% contained. Lisa Cox spokesperson for the San Bernardino National Forest Hills, can x. The conditions have been very challenging. We have the critically low fuel moistures right now at this time of year. Which was exacerbated by this recent heat wave We've been having and he's really low relative humidities are hovering in the team. So you and then we've got the wind, so it got wind pushing and gust up to 30 miles an hour in the evening night, CBS two can extend seventies Desmond Shaw has a look at the firefight overhead in sky too. We haven't seen the DC tents down in San Bernadino airport. They becoming at every refueling with a bunch of fire retardant and drop them off the tops of these no sides right now, so they're determined to try to keep it from spreading any farther to the north towards the big bear area. Cox says crews have been able to protect most of the homes in the area, as only.

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