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Those kind of mythological characters in in pop music and and he he has the ability to tell very small stories in hap- slightly huge epic proportions right the like he changes the scale of your life in the midst of a song And so you know discovering bruce springsteen was was a huge moment for me and he's definitely he remains a big influence perfectly proud to have grown up in new jersey and claim him as my own under other artists. Youtube was a big. It was a big influence for me. a kind of rediscovered. Music is a period. When i was when i was a kid actually didn't listen to music at all And then kind of early high school Youtube had released All all that. You can't leave behind. And i love that record And i've heard on the radio and had to go by at night. I love that record And that was sort of a way back into to music. But then there's there's teagan and sara who. I adore as you know they're just i think some of the best pop writers on earth If ever get to work with anybody wanna work with them. and then there's you know going in high school. There was this whole kind of culture of new jersey. Punk bands. The gaslight anthem And then as i got older kind of discovered motown and those marvin gaye and michael jackson and the jackson five That is like those are my touchstones i would say The killers are big. One to those are definitely my touchstones. It's all about this like the scale in the cinema of at all surver- coming up to listen to your first track color of the sudden that was released october. Two thousand and twenty Can you tell us what the story is about a love song or in inner turmoil about the situation. Yeah so this song. Where i you know when i play this live. I i kind of say that this is little bit of This is my world view. This song is is a is a Synopsis of my world view. Which is i want to live in a more compassionate world and i acknowledged that compassion is very hard that and that's and that's really what the heart of the song is about I i had you know my my road to becoming a solo act. A solo musician was a little bit winding. But i found myself in a community of songwriters in new york And you know there's so many wonderful songwriters in new york city Who who who. Who songs have the power to just you through whatever it is you have to be going through and so so. There's there's people around me who songs i had lived in And in some ways this song began as a tribute to them and ultimately like in the recorded version. The lyric references. These these other songs was actually cut just because it made the song a little bit more focused but it began in this in this kind of recognition. That is a lot of borrowed courage. in other people's music you know someone can sing a song and it can. It can get you through a moment. and this song was sort of acknowledging that that. I'm taking that from other people and i'm grateful for it and in spite of that You know. I find myself lacking In achieving this this thesis of of wanting more compassionate world because because it's really hard And so when we when we remove that reference. I think it became a lot more focused and so what lives on live on. The record is is this. You know lament about wanting to be better and recognizing that you're always failing being better wanting is is a big part of getting better right so So that's what the song is. Allie can you give us an introduction to the song color of the sun he. Yeah absolutely So i have a friend. He says there's two kinds of songs one is poetry and the other is bad journalism in journalism. Being you know this is something that happened to you and the song is actually It's a it's a. It's bad journalism disguised as poetry And by that. I mean you know. There's a bridge the song that says Is ringing in my ear. That just won't go away and it keeps me awake at night And that's a reference to you. Know i actually have Pretty severe tonight's our tennis is pronounced which is which is a persistent ringing in your ears. That goes back to an injury that i had Once again at at a at a at a party fourth of july party this time and someone of those little like gunpowder snaps heathrow at the ground you get him at fourth of july parades in they make little popping noises Someone through one of those at my head and it blew up near my ear. And from that moment on. I've had i've had this ringing in my ears Which for anybody who. Who has this will recognize that this. This can be a very very stressful condition. I also have fairly significant hearing loss.

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