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I have actually noticed that it it has slowed down some because I've noticed he does not do that every day. Maybe three days a week he does you be every single day. So slowly maybe tainted but that kid is the more. I know that can stressful Tina almost being late for school while your son does everything. But I'm raising equivalent of Templeton the rat from Charlotte's web emerges from her horder layer and I look in her room and I don't even want to go in because I don't know what I'm saying I don't mind but to be honest I you know I. It's been so long that I'm really good with it because I told him one day I said. Do you need to hurry up and I said you need to get a sense of urgency about you so I said you know what if there was somebody breaking in the house and you had to move fast is it to you know life and death you know what do you think would happen honestly looked at me and he. He was not being sarcastic. He's just being himself. He said well. Oh you know looks like we're going back. I am very very it does not so I know his speed and I know his spouse so guess what. I just let him do what he has to do. And I just let it go and each. He's on time to what is important to him in other times like you know but it it'll be okay. Mom I just WanNa thank you. You just gave gave me a gift. I can't wait to go home and unroll quote. You need to get a sense of urgency about you to something else. You sound like you're or a teacher at one time. Tina I visit for myself with a four forty years. Lord this crazy let let me ask you one thing before we let you go here. The JACKASS SON-IN-LAW'S E. Good to your daughter. He's absolutely best. I feel like he was son. Very good. I love in my son actually does love him to like I said he he's he's left the jackass and got real real growth. That's Real L. Growth. I'm saying they're truly listening. Bob Sherri you will hear on the show the BOB and Sheri Hot cast on the Bob and Sheri. We're talking about how sometimes in life you are left all alone in the world with no one to help you no one and no one's there you're on your own versus the world. My friend had just texted me. That was my childhood. Thomas joins US right now. They're Thomas Thomas has gone took on a rattlesnake snake in the shower. Yeah so I've got. I'm in college. I've got his mobile home that I'm renovating and living in it at the same time. So hop in the shower to get cleaned up get ready to head to school awesome. I'm in the shower or washing my hair and I feel something on my feet. Lean forward a sprinkle off the Shampoos I don't have it in my eyes look down. And there's a aroused. Make them off the one motion my body jumps up in the air. My left hand hits the wall and pushes me out. The ryen hits. The shower occurred and throws it open and I hit the ground and no joke. My heart literally felt like it was gonNA burst through my skin. It was pounding so hard the snake to snake stay in the shower right still in the TUB shower unit. You know sometimes if it's nice and warm you just can't get out though. I'm nervous like crazy. My body shaking like crazy this. I don't know what to do so I get on the phone and I call Poison control animal control and I said listen. I've got a rattlesnake in my house and they said Sir or you're not allowed to have a venomous snake without a permit. Don't understand I fight. This thing in this is not a pet I it it crawled in the house. So you're not allowed to have venomous snake without permits. Come on Thomas. You're making that up eight said that aren't making it up. They said it twice. I hung up from them holiday. `nother or place and they said basically the same thing and this was in Lakeland Florida going to college and he has. My body was shaking like crazy. I didn't know what to do. I was just like so nervous. Could not believe that. That statement was what I heard and I guess in Lakeland Florida. You don't have an ice chopper like the woman we talked to in Cheboygan. You wouldn't have that their way of not having to deal with it. Sure that's what the stock answer is Thomas. Because you can't share your shower it is so how did you down when I finally calmed down a little bit. I had a trash. Can I little small small trash cans up. I laid it down. One of those little talk kitchen trash can Later down in the shower and then took a big stick and poke him over into the thing and flip it up to now the snakes at least in the container that he can't get out that's good. That was good thinking nervous to do anything you know with with all. Make no excuses for yourself man. You went back in there and flip the rattlesnake into a little can. Are you kidding me. That's big time. And then what did you do then. Then I took it out. Put it in in In the back of a pickup truck and hauled it down to the swamp and dumped it out. Because I was just I. I've heard these stories about people trying to kill the saying I didn't have anything to kill it with a snake in the snake. Turn on them get them. You weren't invited and I'm taking you out. You know what though you have good Karma because you did not hurt a living. Yeah that's right very nice very nice Thomas. What what was this college that you were going to? We'll give it a plug this morning as southeastern Bible college southeastern the Bible all right. And what do you do these days. I actually worked for our boundary having kids out of juvenile detention hall laws for this man. What a man? That's fantastic. Good luck to you. Thank you Thomas. Hey y'all all right you buy. I can't believe how many of our listeners have had to go head to head with rattlesnakes Nyanza. Hey morning everyone chester. Oh Nice to have you here and you took on a rattlesnake while your son held it. Is that right where. I'm sitting now the pool and my two toddlers are just you know kind of playing around on that. Look Mommy I gotta worm and I looked down a little pygmy rattlesnake and he's holding it right at at the base of the mouth and his mouth is opening and health flapping and I think I'm probably the only mother whoever tells their four year old to go run and go get a nice because nobody was there. I didn't WANNA believe him. I'm trying to hold his hand and the snake down so I could cut his head off and I'm sorry I I must have bad Karma but you did the also having your foyer run in the House with an I get it outside to you but you get a knife and run with it to get some scissors to so so so has your little boy. But he was holding the snake by the math so it couldn't bite it was holding around at the base of the mouth.

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