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That is at the end of the day, destructive in the sense that it It forces everybody to be either pro or anti Trump. And so a lot of good issues get obscured and get just ignored because if you embrace and then you're embracing trump and in all of his objections, all of his accusations and it doesn't have to be that way. So we're not really getting reform this way. We're getting ah lot of bomb throwing back and forth and a lot of angry talk, but we're not getting anywhere. Form. So right now, the next election will be run under the same rules as this one. Which is why I'm glad that the Republicans are objecting because I think it might set in motion some ideas as to how we reform the system so that people can trust it. Huh? Well, we're just about out of time. Hey, In just a few seconds you met you mentioned in your column. Howard Rubinstein. He was one of the great behind the scenes forces in their city. Wonderful guy loved Howard Rubinstein, and we lost him over the New Year holiday. But just give us a few seconds of what? What a role he played in New York. Well, Howard, you know was was something of a fixer. It was a PR big PR agency. He specialized in people with big problems on his is way of dealing with them, and I got to know him quite well. And in later years his way of dealing with these clients, whether is Leona Helmsley, Marv Albert when he had his issues, George Steinbrenner he had he had a sane on a plaque on his desk. And it said, If you always tell the truth, you don't have to remember what you said on. I was the first time I saw that. I was just I thought that's absolutely brilliant, and I realized in many ways that was the key to his success. It was I'm going to get you out of trouble. But if you lie, I'm not going to be able to do it. And so you've got to not live. Got to tell the truth. And so if you look at the pattern of his clients They always had some point come clean about it. They always admit something so that I think people have this sense that some version of justice has been done. Even if it was just an apology to the public. There was no crime involved. Just something sorted. Perhaps that that there was some sense that things have been put right, And I think that was Howard's genius, and he did it. In the least offensive ways He could be Frank, but it was never poisonous. It was never offensive. It was always just honest that I think that's how he lived. I admire him for it. He was a great man, a quiet man, and he fixed this show number of times. He would always call date back off on that. Don't do that He was settled the arguments. Although he was good, great man. Michael Goodwin will be waiting for Wednesday's column. And thanks for being with us My pleasure, Mike. Thank you. Thank you. When check out the Web page Lot of would put a bunch of videos up over the holiday. Take a look Some great stuff up there. Just go to 7 10. W o r dot com slash mark. Finding great candidates, the higher Converium.

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