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Into nothing else. What the other bird party across the table view of humans you yep so for those listeners out there that want to dig deeper into it. Just go and get the fair share model. A performance base capital structure for venture stage initial public offerings. Also mind book about nine valuation mistakes in how to avoid them is a good one. Because i try to highlight the mistakes that i see people making in real life and i talk a lot about what karl has said. Which is that finances. Both art in science sciences the structure. But now now would call teaches us. Is that the art aspect is the emotion and i guess the other part is the art of the deal the deal terms so let me ask you the last question. Which is what your number one goal for yourself for your business. In the next twelve months to launch a social movement to reimagine capitalism the enough investor interest in the fisher model companies consider. Adopting it to raise venture capital will be an ipo exciting and for those listeners. That are interested in learning more. Also have all the contact details for call on the show notes so feel free to reach out there all right listeners. There you have it another story of loss to keep winning remember to go to my worst investment ever dot com slash deals to claim your discount. On how my course how to start building your well. Investing in the stock market as we conclude. Wanna thank you again for coming on the show and on behalf. Yes of a staunch academy i hereby award you alumni status returning your worst investment ever into your best teaching moment. Do you have any parting words for the audience if possible to innovate in this space. In a way that benefits dusters companies and cars beautiful and. That's a wrap on another great story to help us. Great grow and protect our well fellow. Risk-takers this is your worst. Fahd cast host andrew. Stotz saying i'll see you on the upside..

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