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The entrance of Hardwick. Roses are expensive especially for an upcoming comedian. Right and when you're at a flower shop and you go. I need four dozen roses Gary Four dozen troubles right and you can tell your desperate. They don't give you a deal because you bought walk you pay extra. If anything got he went to the store and then her house in long if I if I if I work at a flower shop and a guy comes in orders. Four dozen roses calling the police first of all. Buy Me Ten picture frames. How `bout that that's what you broke. I didn't have a flower. Probably need some new hinges on my front door. Can you stop at the hardware store on the way over? Did you guys see like Valentine's Day? If you just like on Mother's Day all of a sudden everyone's at Brunch on Valentine's Day you see everyone in line at flower shops. You know the people who didn't think about it ahead of time and they all look miserable. They're just like this better work to see. I don't understand why she wanted but here I am and I'm like Oh that's so sentimental didn't even put it in water so that it's a job for me. My Dad for Valentine's Day would that take soap and draw on the for my mom from my mother's birthday or Valentine's Day and go you know I love you happy Valentine's Day and there's always my mom's job at the end the day to clean it on full. Yeah my dad would. My mom was a house mom so she would do all the cooking cleaning stuff like that but every once in a while. My Dad would make this elaborate meal. She could have cooked in a half an hour. No job you know. She chalked it up for him and she got she got him the sous chef and he just put it in stirred it around a little bit. And everyone's like. Oh what a big day. And then she had to clean and and he got all this credit for it but it was literally a stir fry it tasted really good but it him four hours of my mom's work the La Times reports that Hernandez Chavez a friend of Horowitz and a fellow sex therapist claims hurricane run into an at an event in January February. Now it was the absolutely worst possible luck. He said. It reignited his obsessive preoccupation with her. Another friend said that hurric- had recounted when per house personnel saw her. He just went ballistic. He lost it. He made a scene thirties. Say the police went to Harvard and early hours of the morning in response to calls about a woman screaming. They found her roommate outside. Who said they had jumped? They had jumped the wall to escape the home and call for help because her work was being assaulted in sought officers then found hardwick lying on the ground under her third story balcony with blunt injuries consistent. With a fault she died later in a hospital. Purse was arrested on suspicion of murder was released on two million dollars. Bond was soon after picked back up at arrested with no bail so I wonder like. Did they get one? More piece of evidence was a mistake that he shouldn't have got bail. Or was it a trick? You're free to go and they tailed him to see if he was like going to hide some evidence. I don't know that some clever movie shit. You know you're free to go like okay. Let me go to my storage locker and I've got you again. Bill de Blasio mayor of Los Angeles for one day and said. Oh no no no bell anymore. He didn't New York City's working really well letting people are getting their hundred fortieth conviction but they can't set bail anything under a thousand dollars. So if you rob rob a bank for nine hundred ninety nine dollars you bury the money you get arrested in your out within two hours no bail and then you go rob another bank for nine hundred ninety nine. Criminals tried to give the dollar back to the bank. No You keep you WANNA fuck with the dollar back. I ain't going to jail right. I mean I don't know the details of this but this sounds like a stupid way to clean up stupid system by the way going back a little bit easy 'em who's listening live on twitter right now. My parents own a flower shop and we had to institute a policy of no anonymous deliveries because we had a crazy ass stocker. Send someone flower. So you can't from their flower shops sending honestly interesting smart. This is what flowers have come to the murder package. I'm ruling thought. Though that's four dozen Gareth per house again. Forty one was released. Let's see released. The two million dollars bond than arrested. His freedom was short lived. The district attorney announced process was charged with murder as well as first degree residential burglary. He's like the weekend at burglary can just be. Murder is Murder Burglary. Not being nice to somebody having an attitude. I guess you ain't walking brain littering your honor. The defendant faces the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted as charged and looks like he will be a decision on whether to seek capital punishment will be made at a later date Los Angeles County. Coroner officials determined that Harvard died of blunt force injuries to the head and torso. I feel like this will be a death penalty because people are embarrassed by allowing this to happen. You know I feel like they're going to feel like it retroactively. Pay for what he did because they're giving him a higher center like a. You know the death penalty which is the worst. But they should've known this was a violent person. Why is he out on the street at all? After all of that you multiple times on multiple dates he fucked up and why even calling. It fucked up. He hit an brutally assaulted a one several times enough to get a restraining order. That's not fun. You got to go to court a bunch of times well you know how imprison people fuck with people. So now that they know he's a WanNa be comedian. Tell me that like. Can you just punch the shit out of me? I mean guy. Can you shank me into a corner and even professional don does what people tell me a joke? This poor guy day in day out. I can't even do Thanksgiving with family around. I'm like I can't think of one all right. Let's I've made that. I suffer the same fate as Jeffrey Epstein. Yeah piece of Shit. I don't questions around it. You know clear cut Jeffrey Epstein Awful. Here's a fun new store. Let's come on Quentin Tarantino's dad for the first time me react natural. I don't know that. Instead of the childbirth the pregnancy lasting nine months it lasted fourteen months because he had to do an for an hour in the middle by the way I bet he has this foot fetish but he makes sure the booties on this kid. All the time like do not show those feed. I've learned a lot having my own daughter. How old is he? He is fifty six. What are we doing his girlfriend? Danielle pick is thirty six. Oh twenty years difference about right does this okay. Does it set like if he wanted a kid? He's fifty six years old. I you know I'm pretty close to that age. You know that you want a kid by then and you're very capable of doing it. Don't you think it's like this thirty six year old? That has always wanted a kid. And he can't be with her unless he he gives her the family she always wanted. She is a Israeli singer actress. Do you know her come do. She's my sister didn't know she was still out. There was great. Her father is prominent Israeli. Pop Star speak pick. My God appeared in Tarantino's once upon a time in Hollywood share portraying the wife of Leonardo DiCaprio ISIC calf so smaller as a calf. And say. She's in she gets a good plug because she's married to Qatar in Tino. I figured Al Allow. Don't share send you can follow on live and got one plug yet out there murdering people and all of a sudden. They're professional comedians album. That we've the twitter account. Israel Don Jamieson. The instagram with his thirst traps is John. Don Jamieson official and the website is his name. Don Jamieson DOT COM. You can see all the details there. The new album holding in my hands right now. His pure rock denim and laughter. And you can own it and you can play it. You can laugh your shit ass off. Yeah tell me I'm right. Tell me I'm wrong. Laugh your shit ass right off that thing then. Was there anything about the timing of putting this new album out are you would? Just you know the material was there you know. And because some of its topical so because I gotTa talk about the Bizarro world that we live in between all the trump derangement syndrome and in all this woke kind of rhetoric that we have to say look. You know I'm not woke. I wake that that's where I am in my life. You know and I don't understand these words and stuff so but I also try not to be like the old man. Yell and get off my lawn there you know so. I hope I do in a semi humorous way for people. But kind of you know. It's Kinda got a little bit of everything for everybody on there so fine line that you have to walk as a white man electric. It's true it's true. And of course you talk about that metal. Show Ozzy Alice Cooper meeting all these people and There you go congratulations. Yeah thanks man. We went to number six on itunes. And you maybe we'll give it one more push here to the top but Yeah That's the big place to get the music now. Apple Music. I tunes spotify but I do have the physical CDs at the gigs and I'm GonNa do Vinyl. So that'll be in a couple of months that crackling sound of the comet really left and shit. You're not the vinyl when you hear those Dick Jokes that warm tones a fireplace. What's you're holding your lover. Don doesn't rose. It's very nice to meet you too. Thanks so much. All right see parasite. We'll talk about it tomorrow. By DOT COM..

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