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Better prices everyday it is the last segment of the jungle year let's keep moving forty Niners defensive lineman deforest Buckner was in the jungle a couple of months back we talk about his sack total in twenty eighteen and what drives him to continue to get better but the most memorable part of that conversation was when he talked about his dog and why having a small dog has big advantages my dog came with a little care whether Pluto is about what I don't need to worry about some you know big powers everywhere so yeah they're settling in and getting comfortable and then there is doubling down on FCC violations like a man be be all good my man all good this is what that dumb but is for I got you and I'm always looking for new blood on the eight hundred number is specially from Canada so I was pumped to give Reggie in Ontario he shot Reggie in Ontario the Reggie how are you Roland good ready are you I'm great Reggie we wanna talk about what's up are just called in and I actually have not known Terrio California I'm in Ontario Canada awesome just gone in less than three on ninety point five extra sports FM thanks Reggie next time you call Reggie and I say regime Aereo you got to get your point you know a rash no one listening thought the you in that voice were from California it's like nobody cared what station you were listening on but I'm all about second chances so I gave Reggie another one a few days later you're on the air rescue was going on read G. how are you buddy still a great how are you I'm great I'm great I'm I'm glad for the chance at redemption here it sucked having to explain that multiple people how I blew it on Jim Rome I'm gonna known for having the gift of the gab in that day I definitely choked up Lucy Allen calling the red skins culture quote damn good thanks to you saying that you have the gift of the gab is damn whack it's gonna member quickly ten months down two to go welcome to November welcome to a world where the Washington nationals OR World Series champion since sets they kick in here it is as this is this is race nats pitcher Patrick Corbin was on the show shortly after and talked about the chemistry in the clubhouse got her out of our he brought the energy the excitement he got a got people on other comfort zone me see stronger dance in the hug and all that we just have fun with each other and early in the season we did have a lot of injuries things aren't going our way but we just knew we stuck together the ski believe in ourselves thanks thanks to turn around and I thought the V. did an amazing job there just never changed his attitude given the field every day and in a disaster it's been a pretty great last couple of years for the district minus that trash fire it is the red skins Jorge mass but all forced a doctor to stop his fight against Nate Dee as when he punched a hole in dates faced it would not stop bleeding afterwards he was asked if you wanted to fight Conor McGregor next or is it he is going to come back January eighteen the ball and then all right said come back to work Dan made to the UC what do you mean I find in the cage yeah I don't know man of the little guy up man he's a **** Dana white president of the small companies and too much man from I get a weapon one seem her for this dungeon component but he don't want to just talk I see his name out there news he was jailed for name you want to run it back when a meeting he's at home seeing that fights and I want to fight that do that do that you see he put his all people in the face because of the five city could one he don't want to my man man I want that fight so badly mastered all McGregor I want to because it would mean the mass of it all McGregor press store which would be the best thing ever and there was a report November that the NFL was thinking about shipping the charger is off to London to see if they might have more success is W. astonishing fan base over there one problem with that dean Spanos ain't having it in fact he's not going out thing anywhere in order to get a lot of crap going around the last twenty four hours about this one thing I just want to give you a quote for me okay stole okay we're not going to London we're not going anywhere we're playing Los Angeles is our home is were planning to be for a long time period okay I want to say it again I'll say it again okay okay I wish somebody would publish a report about the Chargers moving every single day so we get more reaction from mean dean Spanos that's the best thing that guys ever done I know we had that in him that November twenty nineteen is always gonna hold a very special place in my career in my heart in my life because that's when I was inducted into the radio hall of fame we did better smarter what I needed to hear that more than anything else the reason why I'm up here right now I need to see not meeting people around me so with that in mind starting with my right hand man we once my let's talk about producer she is one he does not my family can still she is the red killing it I know the this tonight this is like listening audience I would not be here long this is for you right now because I wouldn't awesome that's great I like seeing that I see that so you could get here the way I talk about you that night going in was great an amazing honor bringing my family general and the boys and my crew was the best part even if hawk went hawk and got blackout drunk on twelve drinks coming off sober October and it took down his own moustache at three o'clock in the morning without even knowing he did it twelve drinks and I don't remember anything and I woke up yes Saturday morning and looked in the mirror and I didn't have my mustache I left with a mustache and woke up without one and it only could taking place between leaving the party in waking up I don't remember packing my bags they are perfectly packed we all had a really great night it was a lot of fun and it was unforgettable up until I stopped remembering it I seriously cannot bring this guy anywhere at the Superbowl he gets up and Julio Jones is grill to talk with John as in New York he gets blind drunk and loses stash way to represent page we made it to December all the listing thought that we would never make it to December and if you thought that man get out of here with that now I know how bad you all blue about in to reset that segment where we played the jungle sound drops they could be used in the bedroom I do not have time for that but I do have time for parity Leri submission which he made over the phone Hey Lawrence what's up you know as far as well as our question goes every time I have sex during it all I ever hear Huard war ari and when I'm done they always say it's the road Jack and yes you character another guy who would call a nationally syndicated radio program until the world is bedroom partners screen why and then saying hit the road Jack right after he finishes putting weirdo man without a doubt my favorite return of the jungle in a long time was by the legend himself mom man jungle favorite one of my favorite athletes ever T. Bach to rell Buckley Robert picked him to bring popcorn and bring their three D. glasses we will have we sold what's your date and it might take he made to get through this so and we put up with that tape man and there it is and when when it all work all about the mile drop in there like oh my god it I didn't know why you know they're not alone were I use the term call me the general now they have to call me Mr H. O. L. how did you not know how did you not know about T. Bach and finally a professional golfer named Tommy two gloves was busted in a prostitution staying called operation Santa's naughty list I think that's wild wings he check out the sheriff in charge Tommy Gainey he is a professional golfer in fact he's got his PGA card he's from Hartsville South Carolina he's married he told us that he was here for a charity golf of that and it was to be the light the next mornin tee off it make it he was a scratch yeah we Google around to see if he was telling us the truth and if you Google or search out and just type in two gloves it comes up with this name so he's been on the tour for quite awhile Kim sheriff going back to Jorge mass but all he made his jungle debut yesterday he is D. B. M. F. champ I had high expectations and my man came through here yesterday and he smashed those expectations his jaw was broken so what did you make of him after that lost it was mine I'm just not with that whole your whole career is based out of getting a rise out of people right I guess I come on your show and I'm just saying a bunch of controversial stuff for people to be talking about me that anyone jammers shorts at all types of you know just to get reactions out of people it's not really my Cup with the but you know people do it all the time and he's the number one poster more for that right so you want to always get a reaction out of people now this individual when we were trying to get a reaction to him he's reported people on Instagram you took the comments off so you can comment on them and then he was reporting people on Instagram there were commenting on him that countries it's not like it's a rich country in the storm water got a lot of poverty over them and they had a lot of people that did you get the heart would be saying he doesn't give.

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