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Get with him. I mean, it's not some of it's believable. But then parts are just outright lies, and you have to wonder why they're doing it. And it's because he's completely dismantling everything that that town of Washington accepted as reality. And you said it completely pity is is swamped marriage. That's absolutely true in Washington. You talk about these people on there, you bad mouth them. And then you go to the bar after for most Americans. It's the most disgusting awkward thing ever. But that's how that town thrives. I you bring up an interesting point because during the cavenaugh confirmation hearings things got so heated Lindsey Graham gave his Lindsey Graham two point. Oh speech and everyone loved him in that moment. And he made a comment about these are my friends, and I was like. Guys are friends after this. Fascinating. Because in the press briefings, even the conservative outlets in the in the White House press corps. They'll be like Jim Acosta. He's not that bad. He's just trying to his job because they all have to stick up for one another always. And so I'm like, he's a terrible hang I hate him. And then I go to the press briefing. The next thing I'm gonna this is kind of. That's just but that's what he had all these same terrible stories. That's why you have even on the conservative side because at the end of the day in that town, everyone has to be friends, our friend WWE's to undertaker, very good friends with with the undertaker undertaker. I was with him last week. And he was telling me about when he got both his oxypan bones broken in his eyes caved in and he had to have the surgery of reconstruct his face, and he said, yeah, wrestling, my buddy, you know. That's the way it is. That's what you feel like in Hollywood. It's these wrestlers that that go at each other. It's a cage match and then now they're happy hour on Capitol Hill. I mean, there's deal. So I have to I don't think Jordan Kelly and are going to be. Say so what is his motivation? What is Georgia's motivation point question? I think it looks like he's just there to embarrass his wife, which is why can't the good thing. No one knows like most of the things that happen on Capitol Hill. I love to be a fly on the wall. All I know is happy wife, happy happy life. I think George maybe could could use that advice right now. All right Graham, so California just needs to be sought off. I don't know if you know, this would America's racist. The only reason that John is here is because we white people allowed him. Thank you. I don't know if you know that. Yeah. So Santa Barbara City College board of trustees President Robert Miller, basically said we don't need to pledge of allegiance anymore because it is riddled with undertones of white nationalism. Basically saying that the guy who wrote it to Francis. Bellamy wrote the pledge in eighteen ninety when he was concerned with the influx of immigrants. So that's what this is really about yet. Another attack on basic principles of being an American. How hard is it to pledge your allegiance to the very country that this the only reason that you're allowed to have such an asinine conversation of should we pledge allegiance to our country in the first the paradox of stupid in that entire argument is just it's incredible..

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