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Call us right now two day manhunt Paso Robles police say a man who opened fire on their police department this week is now dead authorities are telling ABC news that twenty six year old Mason layer was involved in the shooting with several law enforcement officers in the last few days and that he did not survive a standoff and shootout with officers yesterday five swimmers from the East Bay are going to be okay after they were rescued from the waters of the ocean beach in San Francisco fire lieutenant Jonathan Baxter says the swimmers got caught in a rip current do the great highway and Sloat Boulevard two individuals who were independent analysis it is G. anybody involved in the sense that we're able to assist with the retrieval of two of those victims collateral National Park Service resulting in the successful rescue the size swimmers range in age from sixteen to twenty five San Francisco mayor London breed has announced her plan of reforming the city's police department it has support of the police chief bill Scott she says the effort will focus on reducing the need for police to be first responders for non criminal situations let's check your drive on KGO eight ten a marquee and as been watching closely for us good morning mark from the Chilton auto body traffic desk a happy Friday to you pretty good shape here on bay area freeways with no major issues as we get things started now there is some activity in San Francisco southbound on one on one at the two eighty interchange here doing some overnight road work at the aluminium or change there and that they may still have all lane shutdown southbound on one on one with a detour on the two eighty that should be out of there by six AM at the latest westbound four were seen delays approaching the six eighty interchange in Concord that may be due to road work as well westbound eighty near Tennessee street in Vallejo report of a grass fire west bound to all five in five easy sluggish from mountain house up to the top of the Altamont pass and there is no back up at the west Melbourne be windy the next couple of days and as a result we do have the temperature plummeting hi is basically in the sixties and seventies everywhere so much cooler than has been the past couple days specially.

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