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But the role went to Camilla. They end up became coming lovers. And in this reality, Camilla manage to like get some small roles for Diane, but then she got kind of bored. With their relationship. Broke off right. And the director didn't like our in that kind of. So. Diane obviously didn't take this well, and it didn't make any matters easier because Camilla's like opening like. Has this open flirtation with Adam? Director on the set right in front of her. Yeah! There's a scene where like sitting in the car and. Adams trying to show the lead actor how to kiss. Camilla You know like. She her head. Just kind of falls into you know your shoulders or whatever you know. It's yeah here and you. And Diane can stay and has to watch this. Enraged about it seems likely so. So that obviously bothered her understandably, and then she gets. Camilla invites Diane to a dinner party at Adams House on Mulholland drive. And see all of this is just so. It's it's. Pretty EFT up really. It's cruel. Could. Be Upset but. Yeah, it's like yeah. We used to be lovers, and I'm more successful than you, so please come to my boyfriend's house for a party. It means a lot to me that you see me doing better than you I. Mean I think it's been cruel. Yeah, and then once once she's there after being led up this like secret pathway to the house. Kisses another woman. WHO's. Played by Melissa George the one that played the original Camilla. Yeah and then she announces her engagement to Adam in front of Adam's mother who cocoa? COCOA AND COCOA STILL? Is Very caring she's. You know when when they're doing that weird thing where they can't even get out the fact that getting married, they're just giggling. and. Cocos Holding Diane's cocoa knows that like my son is kind of Shit yeah, basically. But. But Essentially Camilla in atom. Has Zero ass as far as Diane's concern at this point for sure. Yeah, they're just they're just. They're just being nasty. You know they're just kind of amused by the whole thing by dance suffering about the. Yep. So Diane who's understand pissed at this point. Goes.

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