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Of those being affordable housing, existing rent regulated apartments and loft rules. Would be protected. Looking at our weather. It is at 57 now going up to 65 today with sunny skies tonight alot of 50 tomorrow. Yes, mohr sunshine with a high of 68 degrees and We have more sunshine, sunshine and store this weekend, both days, mostly sunny on Saturday with a high around 75 partly sunny on Sunday with a high of 71 degrees. At 6 35. This is Support for NPR comes from WN Y say members and from C three C three dots. Ai ai software enables organizations to use artificial intelligence at Enterprise scale solving previously unsolvable business problems. Learn more at sea. Three dot aye aye and Raymond James. A firm focused on transforming lives, businesses and communities through tailored wealth management, banking and capital market solutions. Learn more at Raymond James dot com. It's morning edition from NPR News. I'm Noelle King and I'm Steve Inskeep. The old saying holds the vice president is a heartbeat away from the presidency in this election cycle. Both presidential candidates are in their seventies and one just got out of the hospital with Corona virus that added some interest toe last night's vice presidential debate. In Salt Lake City, Mike Pence and Kamala Harris discussed the response to the Corona virus, the economy taxes, thie environment and the Supreme Court. Among other things. Here's how one voter saw Harris Pamela Harris was very professional shows very calm, despite his interruptions, despite his long winded answers, and not allowing the moderator to moderate.

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